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Shipping Inspections with Remotely Operated Vehicles

Understand what is happening under your vessel without diver intervention


Ocean shipping continues to be the primary transportation of billions of dollars in goods. Proactively manage your fuel efficiency by conducting regular ROV inspections of your hull to determine optimal cleaning and paint schedules. Talk to our Industry Specialist today about your specific needs and learn more about:

  • Optimizing fuel efficiency
  • UWILD inspections - limit dry docking and hiring divers
  • Catch potential problems early
  • Visual hull inspection
  • Identify problem areas even in murky water
  • Perform steel thickness testing to evaluate corrosion

Become more efficient

While regular underwater inspections at a shipyard are a necessity, they can be difficult and dangerous. In addition to being expensive, dry docking takes ships out of commission for extended periods of time. Hiring divers not only requires time and money, but also potentially puts people into dangerous situations. ROVs provide an efficient method to inspect multiple sea chests alongside divers, inspect hulls and vessels can be consistently monitored to optimize maintenance schedules and maximize performance.

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Norfolk Naval Shipyard using Deep Trekker ROV for Hull Inspections

"Unlike the previous efforts with the divers, we would need 24 hours’ notice ahead of time to provide security and the ship with a flight request, saying where we plan to launch and land the vessel in question,” said Goodson. “It would then take us no more than an hour the day of to get the ROV to the location, setup, and in the water to perform the inspection."

Bailey Williford, The Norfolk Naval Shipyard

Foss Maritime and Amanda Dayton

"The predicted savings was $68,500 for the first year and $87,500 annually thereafter. However, after tracking the first year of ROV use, Foss realized an astounding actual and measurable impact of saving/earnings of a total of $135,650, which was DOUBLE original predictions."

Amanda Dayton, Foss Maritime

Simplifying Operations with Verreault Navigation

“We are a ship repair facility complete with drydock and wharf. We are proud to repair vessels of up to 800 ft in length and 90 ft width. We use the Deep Trekker for inspections of the ship’s hull before docking.”

Verreault Navigation Inc