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Civil Engineering ROV Applications

Routinely inspect your submerged and buried infrastructure.


Regular underwater inspections of bridges, reservoirs and dams can often be difficult without the use of ROVs. Take control of your own inspections by using Deep Trekker submersible robots to conduct frequent inspections efficiently and safely. Talk to our Industry Specialist today about your specific needs. Learn more about:

  • How ROVs can be used to conduct dam inspections
  • Managing aging infrastructure with underwater drones
  • Tools for maintaining and repairing bridges, dams and dykes, subsea cabling and more

Efficient and safe submerged structural inspections

Structures such as bridges, dams and reservoirs have submerged components that are difficult to get eyes on. It is important to regularly inspect these, but the cost of divers is typically prohibitive. Deep Trekker ROVs give you the ability to perform these inspections quickly, safely and more frequently.

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ROVs for Conducting Underwater Dam Inspections

When conducting underwater inspections for offshore infrastructure, dam owners should look towards utilizing both ROVs and divers for safe, efficient and affordable operations.

Managing Aging Infrastructure With Underwater Drones

Aging infrastructure is a reality for the majority of cities around the world. Many municipal waterways, dams, and bridges were built over 50 to 100 years ago, and these systems are showing their age. It is imperative that repairs, maintenance, and ongoing development are completed to fight against water main breaks, contaminations, and degradation; the cost of which is massive, and the long-term effects devastating.

City of Toronto submerged pipe inspection | REVOLUTION ROV

A demonstration and training session with the Toronto Water (City of Toronto) on how to use a REVOLUTION ROV with a Sonar add-on to conduct submerged pipe inspections.