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Submersible Robots for Your Industry

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Take control of your net inspections and ensure effective cleaning and monitoring for wear and tear that could cause fish escapes using Deep Trekker’s Aquaculture ROV. Make pen and net inspections part of your routine, and monitor stock health and feeding.

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As infrastructure ages, simple inspection methods are being adopted to maintain and improve underwater structures, such as dams, reservoirs and bridges. Deep Trekker ROVs and Pipe Crawlers are widely used for wastewater and stormwater inspections as well as for emergency scenarios or inspections in remote or confined spaces.

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As the population grows, the need for efficient production and delivery of energy is becoming more pressing. Much of the new energy developments, whether wind, solar, oil & gas, nuclear or hydroelectricity, involve infrastructure to be inspected, maintained or repaired under the water.

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Search & Rescue

The most important factor in search and rescue efforts is time. To prevent drowning and hypothermia, SAR teams need to respond quickly to receiving distress signals, detect the distress location, collect accident data to assess the situation and then plan and respond by deploying ROV units. Deep Trekker offers affordable and efficient solutions that can be integrated with sonar to assist in challenging open water environments.

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Commercial Diving

Deep Trekker ROVs have become powerful tools in finding new applications in underwater inspection and surveying. Many structure inspections have traditionally been completed by divers, however, issues continue to exist with safety, high acquisition costs, accuracy and repeatability when using this method on its own.

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Conduct periodic inspections of vessel hulls during transit and when entering ports without diver intervention. Emergency hull inspections, nighttime inspections, ballast tank inspections and marina checks are easily and effectively completed with Deep Trekker remotely operated vehicles.

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Designed to detect and locate objects hidden beneath the water, assist divers and safely conduct underwater inspections in harsh environments, Deep Trekker military ROVs are designed to deploy within seconds.

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Prioritize maintenance and repairs by routinely inspecting your submerged and buried infrastructure. Deep Trekker makes these inspections easier than ever before with intuitive, portable and cost-effective equipment.

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Ocean Science

Our oceans take up a vast majority of our Earth and as such, they need to be treated with the importance they deserve. With the help of Deep Trekker ROVs, researchers, biologists and scientists can now investigate the underwater world to better understand and explain environmental issues.

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Underwater Discovery

Exploring the undersea world has been compared to discovery in space – no less wonderous, and every bit as exciting. As we discover more and more about our Earth, the desire to understand what we cannot see beneath the waves is greater than ever.

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