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Buried and Submerged Pipe Inspection Equipment

Routine inspections made easy

Portable, easy to use pipe inspection solutions

Deep Trekker pipe crawlers are battery operated and do not require topside power or onsite generators and power supply. It can be deployed in less than 5 minutes; unique for wastewater and stormwater inspections as well as for emergency scenarios or inspections in remote or confined spaces.

Cost-effective and easy to use tank inspections and cleaning

Typically tanks are drained to be inspected or require divers to inspect and clean. Deep Trekker ROVs are designed to complete the job without the safety risks and time lost without interruption of service. Our vehicles can be sanitized to avoid compromising water quality and provide your customers a high quality inspection without the high cost and inconvenience of traditional inspection needs.

Efficient and safe submerged structural inspections

Structures such as bridges, dams and reservoirs have submerged components that are difficult to get eyes on. It is important to regularily inspect these, but the cost of divers is typically prohibitive. Deep Trekker ROVs give you the ability to perform these inspections quickly, safely and more frequently.

Why Deep Trekker for Infrastructure?

Battery operated

Portable wheeled case

Up to 270 degree camera rotation

Suitable for all budgets

Record operations with voice-over capabilities

Unmatched maneuverability

Robust construction

We use this ROV extensively doing pipeline surveys, and for water tower inspections. the maneuverability and portability are huge pluses. and the video quality is better than that on our larger (and much more expensive) unit. overall, an excellent piece of kit.

Dave Fraser

Owner/Operator, Sunset Diving

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