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DT640 MAG Utility Crawler

Magnetic wheeled robot for ferrous metal surfaces.

At A Glance

Battery operated up to 8 hours

Depth rated to 50 m (164 ft)

Advanced sonar integration

360° turn radius

Magnetic wheels

Extremely durable

Modular design

Portable design

Rapid response visual inspection

The DT640 MAG provides a safe and efficient alternative to ship hull and steel structure inspections. Its onboard HD camera and live-video feed provides operators with instant visual inspections in hard to reach and often impossible to access environments.

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DT640 MAG Spec Highlights

deep trekker dt640 mag magnetic crawler wireframe

DT640 MAG General Specs

Length: 710 mm (27.95")
Width: 406 mm (5.5”)
Height: 228 mm (5.96”)
Weight: 16.6 kg (36.59 lb)
Depth Rating: 50 m (164 ft)
Materials: Stainless Steel, Aluminium, High Strength Acrylic
Lighting: 900 Lumens
Camera: 700HD TVL, color, 0.001 LUX (low light), controller controlled
Wheel/drive: Patented Magnetic 2WD
Warranty: 1 year - parts and labor (Optional 2-3 years)

Deep Trekker reserves the right to amend these specifcations at any time without notice.

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Ship hull visual inspection

Sonar hull inspection

Two strong areas with Deep Trekker - products and after sales service. Excellent product for ship hull survey and event better 24 hour support from the service team!

Deepak T. - JOTUN

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MAG Utility Crawler Add-ons

The DT640 Mag Utility Crawler is designed with complex inspections in mind. The platform provides live video to the handheld controller and can be equipped with purpose-built attachments. The variety of options transform the Mag Utility Crawler to efficiently and safely inspect investigation areas.

This product is part of our Utility Crawler product line.

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