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Mission-ready remotely operated vehicle with greater payload capabilities, deeper depths, and advanced stabilization.



The REVOLUTION is the most intuitive and stable ROV for underwater surveys and inspections, built tough to survive harsh underwater conditions to accomplish complex missions.

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Durable construction

Engineered with carbon fiber and stainless steel, REVOLUTION delivers dramatic power, enhanced capabilities and performance.

Built to withstand harsh ocean conditions with tough materials and innovative magnetically coupled thruster design.

Easy to use2-icon 40px Sonar and Positioning Ready

Absolute GPS icon 40px Advanced Stabilization

Hybrid power-icon 40 305m Depth Rating

Sonars for Surveys and Inspections

Use your imaging sonar for close-range inspections and surveys in murky water applications where the HD camera just isn’t enough. See how our ROVs were used for close range inspections in a highly turbid environment.

Sonars for Navigation and Target Identification

Operating in murky water? Need to have a deeper understanding of your underwater location? Locate and identify targets and further understand your position underwater with sonar and USBL positioning systems.

Enhanced 4K Camera

Equip your Deep Trekker ROV with the high-quality lens upgrade and proprietary image processing algorithms through Deep Trekker’s BRIDGE software. This upgrade provides an optimal underwater viewing experience including a wider field of video, enhanced clarity, and auto colour correction.

Pan & tilt HD camera icon

Enhanced Clarity

Elevated Camera icon

Automatic Image Dewarping

Pivoting tether connection-icon

Underwater Colour Correction

Excellent in low light icon

Low Light Performance

Compare 1080p/4K

ROV Add-ons

Sonar & Navigation

Operating in murky water? Need to have a deeper understanding of your underwater location? Locate and identify targets and further understand your position underwater with sonar and USBL positioning systems.

Manipulators & Tools

From grabber tools to net patch kits to cutters, we offer a suite of industry specific tools to help you get the job done in various environments.

Sensors & Measurement

Get a complete understanding of your environment with various tools including water quality sensors, laser scalers, calipers, dissolved oxygen sensor kits and more.

Performance Enhancements, Cameras & More

Need to optimize your performance? Performance enhancements from auxiliary cameras to precision thrusters allow you to customize your vehicle to be exactly what you need.


The Deep Trekker REVOLUTION is a completely re-imagined ROV. The patented pending revolving head allows operators to rotate the imaging sonar, grabber and camera head. Scan areas or optimize the positioning of add-ons without having to maneuver the whole ROV.


At a Glance

Depth rating up to 305 meters (1,000 feet)

Quick change field swap batteries

Wheeled Pelican case

Low maintenance

Comprehensive Sensor Integrations

260 degree camera rotation

Sonar and positioning ready

Auto-Pilot Functionality

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Powered by BRIDGE Technology

Deep Trekker’s BRIDGE technology consists of custom hardware and software to provide a superior ROV user experience. Active yaw and camera stabilization simplifies vehicle maneuverability and recording capabilities, while advanced algorithms provide cross vehicle compatibility and global connectivity via the DTHub Network. BRIDGE also ensures instant communication between controller and vehicle, even over extended tether distances, and seamless integration with current and future third-party products.

Clean and modern GUI icon

Simplified control

Autonomous learning icon

Seamless integrations


Constant communication

Digital viewing system icon

Enhanced operations


City of Toronto

"My Director said there’s got to be an easier way of doing this, there’s got to be something that’s a little bit more reliable and safer for the staff. And you’re not sending a person up a pipe."

Arash Farajian, Business Operations Consultant, Toronto Water, City of Toronto

Foss Maritime Company

"After tracking the first year of ROV use, Foss realized an astounding actual and measurable impact of saving/earnings of a total of $135,650, which was DOUBLE original predictions."

Amanda Dayton, Shipyard Manager

Comparing Deep Trekker ROVs

*All packages come equipped with Buoyancy Weights, Chargers, Operator Manual

When everything was said and done, all three forebay inspections were completed 100% satisfactory, were done safer, faster and with the innovation of using the (REVOLUTION ROV) vs. divers has the ability to save my company millions for the investment of a few thousand into an ROV.

Thomas Griner

Operations Officer, Nuclear Power Facility, Midwest USA

Our team have worked with DeepTrekker for several years and have found them to be the best supplier we have ever dealt with. The technology is market and industry leading and the after sales support is simply amazing. Professionally I have never encountered a company that treats its customers so well.

Mike Larkin

Fulcrum Robotis

Deep Trekker ROV's provided some new thinking to the problem of underwater inspections in cooling towers, clear water storage tanks, etc. Our experience with the staff at Deep Trekker has been fantastic. They are extremely customer oriented and I have found them to be very willing to walk me through the many questions I had. Their innovation is remarkable and the products do, indeed, reflect that they listen to their customers.

Shelby Howell

Southern Water Services

Customer Reviews

REVOLUTION Spec Highlights

deep trekker dt revolution rov wireframe

ROV General Specs

Width: 440 mm (17.3”)
Height: 235 mm (9.3”)
Length: 717 mm (28.2”)
Weight (in air): 26 kg (57 lb)
Body Material: Anodized Machined Aluminum, Carbon Fiber, Stainless Steel, & Buoyancy Foam
Window Material: Sapphire & Acrylic
Depth Rating: 305 m (1000 ft)
Operating Temp: -10°C to 50°C (14°F – 122°F)
Case (optional): Custom Pelican Air 1650, Handle and Wheels
Drives/Thruster: Magnetically Coupled/Sealed
Warranty: 1 Year – Parts and Labor (optional 2-3)

ROV Electrical System

System Voltage: 19.2 VDC

Lights and Camera

Video: Full HD 1080P 1920x1080, 30FPS 0.001 Lux,260° Total Range of View
Picture: JPG 8mp
Lights: High Efficiency LED Fully Dimmable, 8,400 - 11,800 Lumens

Deep Trekker reserves the right to amend these specifications at any time without notice.

Download Full REVOLUTION Specs