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ROVs for Oil and Energy Suppliers

Safe and efficient inspections for hydroelectric, nuclear & other energy producers

Robotic solutions for underwater structural inspections

Deep Trekker ROV systems offer an alternative or complement to sending divers underwater to do emergency or routine inspection work on structures like cooling towers, intakes, penstocks and trash racks.

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Safe hydroelectric dam inspections

With the use of a Deep Trekker ROV, perform fast and efficient hydroelectric dam intake and trash rack inspections. Quickly respond in emergency scenarios or proactively perform regular surveys without having to wait for a dive team.

Nuclear and coal-fired power plant inspections

Conduct cooling water tank and intake structure inspections in nuclear power and coal-fired power plants. Equipped with the Deep Trekker portable underwater camera, operators can safely review the integrity of tanks while keeping systems online.

Routine offshore energy inspections

Deploying divers or work class ROVs for routine inspections is an unnecessary risk that is often dangerous and inconvenient. Deep Trekker provides an easy, efficient and safe inspection tool for offshore structures including, sea chests, ballast tanks, moorings, risers and legs.

Why Deep Trekker for Energy?

Portable wheeled case

Battery operated; top-side power not required

Up to 270 degree camera rotation

All in one control system

Compact for confined spaces

Low maintenance; no shaft seals to service, grease or replace

Safe underwater inspections

Underwater ROVs provide diver safety and prevent them from accessing hazardous and inaccessible underwater environments.

Keep systems online without interruptions to services

Deep Trekker ROVs are capable of working in higher temperature environments and hazardous waters without having to turn systems offline.

Monitor environmental impacts

Deep Trekker ROVs can be deployed to inspect underwater surroundings in order to identify environmental sensitivities and geological hazards.

When everything was said and done, all three forebay inspections were completed 100% satisfactory, were done safer, faster and with the innovation of using the (REVOLUTION ROV) vs. divers has the ability to save my company millions for the investment of a few thousand into an ROV.

Thomas Griner

Operations Officer, Nuclear Power Facility, Midwest USA

We were able to save valuable dive time by using the ROV to pinpoint the spots that we wanted to concentrate on.

Frank Hauser

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