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ROVs for Offshore and Onshore Energy Suppliers

Safe and efficient inspections for hydroelectric, nuclear, fossil fuels, offshore wind and offshore oil and gas

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Safe hydroelectric dam inspections

With the use of a Deep Trekker ROV, perform fast and efficient hydroelectric dam intake and trash rack inspections. Quickly respond in emergency scenarios or proactively perform regular surveys without having to wait for a dive team. Deep Trekker battery powered ROVs provide a solution for easy underwater inspections in low visibility and confined spaces.

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Why Deep Trekker for Energy?

Portable wheeled case

Battery operated; top-side power not required

Up to 270 degree camera rotation

All in one control system

Compact for confined spaces

Low maintenance; no shaft seals to service, grease or replace

When everything was said and done, all three forebay inspections were completed 100% satisfactory, were done safer, faster and with the innovation of using the (REVOLUTION ROV) vs. divers has the ability to save my company millions for the investment of a few thousand into an ROV.

Thomas Griner

Operations Officer, Nuclear Power Facility, Midwest USA

We were able to save valuable dive time by using the ROV to pinpoint the spots that we wanted to concentrate on.

Frank Hauser

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Safe underwater inspections

Underwater ROVs provide diver safety and prevent them from accessing hazardous and inaccessible underwater environments. Accidents underwater happen, despite our best attempts to prevent them. Using a Deep Trekker ROV instead of divers completely removes all of the intrinsic risks of sending humans underwater. At Deep Trekker, it’s our mission in the Nuclear and Hydroelectric industry to completely eliminate diver use at Nuclear plants, Hydroelectric Dams and power plants.

Setting up scaffolding can be a time-consuming and expensive exercise. Using an ROV cuts scaffolding out of the picture entirely.

Our ROVs are all battery-operated and don’t require a generator. The DTG3 ROV fits into one case so it can be used in tight spaces with poor ventilation.

Keep systems online without interruptions to services

Deep Trekker ROVs are capable of working in higher temperature environments and hazardous waters without having to turn systems offline. Our equipment can be used in high-rad areas with no effect on performance. Topside power option for the REVOLUTION ROV enables safe use in reactor vessels and transfer canals and is a superior solution to a diver-mounted camera.

Having to release spill water without harnessing its energy raises the costs of production. Using submersible robotics like our new Pivot ROV means there’s no need for costly dewatering.

Our ROVs and submersible crawling robots have been used by companies like OPG, MISTRAS and Vattenfall to inspect runners, penstocks, submerged pipes and transmission lines.

Safely remove silt, sand and mud from CST without de-watering with our DT640 MAX Utility Crawler.

Monitor environmental impacts

Deep Trekker ROVs can be deployed to inspect underwater surroundings in order to identify environmental sensitivities and geological hazards. Ice blockages, unexpected breakdowns, and silt buildup are all events that can happen unexpectedly. A Deep Trekker ROV at your fingertips means that you can acquire information quickly and make educated decisions about how to move forward.

Our ROVs can be equipped with DO sensors to give you a precise DO measurement at specific locations. This allows the operator to have a detailed topographical map of DO levels across a river profile.

All of our equipment can be equipped with multibeam imaging sonar for detailed inspections in the murkiest water.