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Worry Free Harbor Inspections

Safeguarding your assets

Providing marina supervisor's clients with value-added services, such as vessel inspections, can be a simple service for a marina to implement. The Deep Trekker ROVs can also be equipped with tools to retrieve lost items underwater

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Underwater security for Port Authorities

With Deep Trekker ROVs, port authorities and border security professionals are able to perform an efficient hull inspection on every single vessel to pass through their waters without the need to send a human into the water, or incur the high costs and delay of dry-docking. Contraband inspections can be performed efficiently, regularly, and without risk to a human underwater.

UWILD Inspections

“Underwater Inspection in Lieu of Dry-docking” can be completed with an ROV from Deep Trekker along with a certified surveyor. The internal HD camera accurately documents and records the condition of the hull markings, sea chests, inlets and discharges, rudders, pintles, sacrificial anodes, and propeller. The Deep Trekker DTG3 and REVOLUTION ROV systems can also be outfitted with a thickness gauge to test the thickness of the hull for a complete UWILD ROV inspection.

Why Deep Trekker for Ports & Harbor?

Avoid unnecessary down time in deploying a dive team or lifting out of water

Easily inspect areas too small for divers

270 degree camera rotation to quickly view the bottom of the hull

Optional side-facing cameras to reduce inspection time

Record all inspections with voice-over to SD Card

Sophisticated add-ons such as Thickness Gauge and Sonar

Protect your port from threats beneath the surface

Virtually all submerged portions of vessels are inspected when calling ports. This presents a tremendous opportunity for smugglers and terrorists to pass through security measures with threats and contraband attached to these vessels. Deep Trekker ROVs provide immediate and effective survey options to identify and deter threats underwater.

Inspect structures and prioritize maintenance

Vessels are not the only part of a port. Sea walls, docks, jetties and other submerged structures wear down over time and need to be inspected regularly to identify where future repair expense needs to be prioritized. Deep Trekker ROVs are a simple tool to achieve an end goal of eyes on all of your structures.

Identify and retrieve lost tools and items

Whether it is in the form of evidence or threats like explosives, or simply lost equipment overboard, divers are the common solution to a problem that is more easily solved with a Mini ROV. Equipped with a variety of manipulator options, Full HD cameras and sonar options, Deep Trekker ROVs can find and retrieve items that did not stay on board.

If we lose a boat for half a day not knowing waiting for divers to show up, it can cost the public and economy a lot more. Yeah, it [the DTX2 ROV] definitely paid for itself already, and we’ve only had it operating for about five months.

Cotty Fay

Washington State Ferries

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