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Wastewater and Stormwater Pipe Inspections

Make pipe inspections faster and safer with Pipe Trekker.


Sewer and stormwater pipe networks are aging around us, making routine inspection a critical part of planning repairs. Traditional methods such as excavating or using pipe crawlers that require large trucks, are complicated to operate and high-cost. Pipe Trekker pipe crawlers make inspections more efficient with its portable, battery operated design, allowing you to deploy within minutes. Talk to our Industry Specialist today about your specific needs. Learn more about inspecting:

  • Culverts and storm pipes
  • Potable water pipes
  • Sanitation and sewer pipes

Accessible pipe inspections

Our underwater infrastructure inspection ROVs and pipe crawlers are widely used by municipalities, water treatment facilities, and private contractors. They provide a cost-effective alternative to excavation — and in the case of our pipe crawling equipment, they can reach places that are inaccessible to human inspection. A Deep Trekker product can perform fast, efficient underwater infrastructure inspections of everything from culverts and storm pipes to potable water tanks, sanitation pipes, and much more.

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Getting the Job Done for the City of Independence

"The DT320 and DT340 give us that ability to take just a quick look at the condition of the pipe and then we can determine whether it needs pressure cleaned or not,” shared Conway. “Our department has decided to reduce our pressure truck fleet by one and then utilize two pickups outfitted with Deep Trekker crawler cameras for inspecting pipes."

Jeff Conway of the City of Independence

Improving Municipality Worker Safety With Pipe Crawlers

Pipe crawlers simplify the process of cleaning sewer lines. The robots, or sewer line cleaning machines, also help keep workers safe on the job. Learn more about the benefits of pipe crawlers for municipalities, including how they can keep your crew safe while preserving and protecting your infrastructure.

How JS Industries Used the DT320 to Create a New Revenue Stream

"The reason I bought the Deep Trekker is because I got into the trenchless pipe inspection industry...I needed a camera and Deep Trekker was recommended to me."

Josh Buniak, JS Industries