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Underwater ROVs

deep trekker revolution dtg3 rov

Also called Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs), underwater robots or underwater drones; our Remotely Operated Vehicles are the perfect tool to conduct underwater inspections. Between the DTG3 ROV and REVOLUTION ROV, we have the solution for you.

CCTV Pipe Crawler

cctv pipe crawlers deep trekker

Easy to use CCTV Pipe Crawlers. Extreme portability; no dedicated CCTV truck required. Simply drive through stormwater or wastewater pipes using the simple control system.

Utility Crawler

deep trekker utility crawlers

Variable payload mini utility vehicle with optional rubber or magnetic wheels to complete industry-specific tasks – such as water tank maintenance, ship hull crawling, and more.

Submersible Cameras

deep trekker underwater cameras dtpod

Underwater cameras for monitoring and surveilling submerged structures or marine life.

Inspired by adventure. Built for function.

Deep Trekker makes tough tasks, easy. We listen. We empower. We seek to develop the most durable, innovative, portable and affordable underwater ROVs and submersible robots to solve a suite of environmental and industrial situations.


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Easy to Use

Designed with the operator in mind. All in one handheld controller and intuitive piloting system.

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Battery power operation provides a truly portable solution. Freedom to move and deploy without the need for topside power.

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Built to last and designed to safely conduct underwater inspections in harsh environments.

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Innovative solutions for applications big and small. Suitable for all budgets.


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aquaculture_ ips dtg3 rov

Using the DTG3 ROV – Tips for Aquaculture

Now that you have eyes underwater with the DTG3 ROV for your net inspections and monitoring of fish health, did you know you can do more than just that?  We’ve compiled some tips and tricks for using Deep Trekker ROV systems in aquaculture. Active stabilization for precise control Underwater conditions are in constant motion which… Read More »
underwater-rov-hull-inspections-deep-trekker-dtg2 Australia show

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Kana Deep Trekker Review
"We highly recommend this company to anyone in need of an ROV. Virtually no down time!"

- Kana Upton

Aqua-Cage Fisheries
Aquaculture ROV Review
"I am an ROV Pilot from Chile, Deep Trekker is the best in class #1 ROVs"

- Luis Felipe

"Last time we looked there was not an ROV that competes at this price point; considering size, function, features and customer service, two thumbs up!"

- Bruce Gray

Operations Officer, Environment Canada

Mini ROV

Some people call it an underwater robot or an underwater drone, the technical term is really “remotely operated vehicle” or “ROV” and those that are ROV pilots understand this term. But hey, what about the rest of us, what does that mean? Is it on land, air or water? Well, ROV implies ‘underwater remotely operated vehicle’. It is essentially a remote control underwater camera. Yes, it’s like having your own personal diver to perform all of those intricate and difficult jobs without ever having to pay someone to get in the water.

Are you looking for an affordable underwater ROV or just one that’s easy to use? Ours looks quite a bit different than the traditional ones you may already know. Deep Trekker ROVs don’t look like other ROVs because it’s unlike any other subsea vehicle on the market. The rugged, robust Deep Trekker DTG2 and DTX2 ROV product lines were designed with tough jobs in mind, but with intense attention given to the user experience. Taking their cues from larger work-class ROVs, the Deep Trekker brings all of the functionality required for difficult jobs, but without the usual complexity. Check out our ROV shop to find the perfect ROV or pipe crawler for your needs.

We Have a Solid Understanding of Your Unique Underwater Inspection Challenges

Our goal is to provide the most innovative, user-friendly products that give you the uncompromised ability to see underwater – without having to get into the water. As a customer-focused company, you can also count on us to provide first-class customer service. We don’t have “regular” service hours: You can always reach a senior ROV team member by phone or email whenever you have a question or issue. With several years of experience innovating in the ROV industry, Deep Trekker is ready to provide you the perfect tool for your inspections, surveys, or other operations.
Get to know our company story and check out our blog for more industry insights.

CCTV Pipe Crawler

Working with municipalities, service contractors and utility companies over the years showed us the need for an easy to use, entirely portable and submersible pipe crawler system. While there are CCTV pipe inspection systems on the market, none are quite like the DT340 Pipe Crawler. Deep Trekker pipe crawlers are the only robots of its kind that operate completely independently of any external systems such as generators or dedicated service trucks.

We built this highly robust inspection system with you in mind. It has all of the functionalities you require with the added benefit of only two carrying cases for the entire system, reducing your set up time to start inspecting. The CCTV crawlers are internally battery-operated, 100% submersible up to 50 meters, and have options for customizations such as elevating arms, tracks and wheel options. The DT340 pipe crawler can integrate with software systems such as WinCan, so you can complete regulatory compliant pipeline inspections regardless of how remote or hard to reach access points might be.

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If you’re looking for a high-performing, easy-to-use ROV or pipe crawler for your underwater operations, check out the Deep Trekker product line today. And feel free to contact us or give us a call at +1 (226) 400-0073 for more information and a no-obligation ROV quote.
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