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DT640 VAC Crawler

Remotely operated robotic vacuum system

At a glance

Battery operated up to 8 hours

Low maintenance

Fully submersible

360° turn radius

Portable design

Extremely durable

Simple to use controls

Various vacuum attachments

Compact and portable vacuum robot

Built to be transported in one carrying case, the DT640 VAC can be immediately launched in any location. The perfect robotic system for remote inspections and light-work cleaning. Customize your unit with specific attachments for your project at hand.

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DT640 VAC Spec Highlights

deep trekker dt640 vac vacuum crawler wireframe

DT640 VAC General Specs

Length: 710 mm (27.95")
Width: 406 mm (5.5”)
Height: 228 mm (5.96”)
Weight: 15 kg (34 lb)
Depth Rating: 50 m (164 ft)
Materials: Stainless Steel, Aluminium, High Strength Acrylic
Lighting: 900 Lumens
Camera: 700HD TVL, color, 0.001 LUX (low light), controller controlled
Wheel/drive: Rubber 2WD
Warranty: 1 year - parts and labor (Optional 2-3 years)

Deep Trekker reserves the right to amend these specifcations at any time without notice.

Download Full DT640 VAC Specs

Tank cleaning & sediment removal

Pressure washing

Keep services online

Conduct tank cleaning with the DT640 VAC without interrupting service. Avoid the dangers of having divers in the water and rather, pump sediment from water tanks using the Deep Trekker robotic vacuum system.

No need to dewater tanks

Draining tanks can be costly and time-consuming with services often offline for weeks at a time. The DT640 VAC is completely submersible and can be decontaminated prior to entering water tanks.

Taking control of your assets

No need to wait on dive teams or jeopardize the safety of divers and contamination to water tanks. The DT640 is compact in design, providing operators with a system to inspect and clean tanks frequently and safely.

This is amazing! Instead of draining tanks, we inspect and vacuum out the sediment with the DT640Vac Utility Crawler.

Jo Hulands

The Tank Inspector

Customer Reviews

VAC Utility Crawler Add-Ons

The DT640 VAC Utility Crawler is designed with complex cleaning in mind. The platform provides live video to the handheld controller and can be equipped with purpose-built attachments. The variety of options transform the Utility Crawler to efficiently and safely clean and inspect water tanks and towers.

This product is part of our Utility Crawler product line.

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