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Our Customers

Eric Bourne

Can’t say enough about Deep Trekker. Amazing unit. We have had no issues with our unit and we use it multiple times a week. Their customer support is the best I’ve seen.

Eric Bourne

PW Makar

Our operations take place in several locations of the Chilean Patagonia, where the ROVs face extreme weather and sea conditions on a daily basis. In spite of these harsh conditions, we’re able to offer an excellent and efficient service to our customers due to the technology from Deep Trekker at our disposal.

TRI-Chile Ltda

Jayaprabandh Pudota

We have been using DTG2 smart unit for more than a year now in our aquaculture operations. It works really well for us. It took away a lot of costly dive time. This was the low cost, portable and easy to operate machine at the time we bought it. I believe, it still is.

Jayaprabandh Pudota

Harmful Plankton Monitor/Technician

Lars Linds

Nice and handy ROV, a perfect alternative to divers when you need eyes under water. Virtually no preparation needed; just bring the case to your work site, take out the ROV, connect the remote and throw it into the water.

Lars Lind

Miko Marine

thomas griner nuclear energy testimonial image

I work at a nuclear facility in the Midwest and I recently used Deep Trekker’s newest submersible ROV, Revolution, during our refueling outage in our lake screen house forebays. Previously the company has always had to bring in a dive operation to perform the inspections of our forebays which brings a huge industrial safety risk and budgetary expense. I researched several companies before landing on Deep Trekker based on their time in the industry and the passion their technicians up to their CEO shows in their product. Deep Trekker did not disappoint throughout the process which started almost 18 months ago. Any questions I had they responded to quickly. When it came time to try the equipment out they even sent out a rep to assist in increasing our proficiency with the ROV. When I accidentally damaged the gripper claw while training with the ROV the rep even brought additional ones back to me personally to ensure I had them in time for the inspection. This may not seem like a big deal, but since Deep Trekker is based in Ontario Canada and my plant is located in the Midwest USA, I couldn’t have asked for better customer service. The rep then changed his schedule around several times to accommodate our inspection schedule so he could be with us to support anyway we needed him to. When everything was said and done, all three forebay inspections were completed 100% satisfactory, were done safer, faster and with the innovation of using the submersible vs. divers has the ability to save my company millions for the investment of a few thousand into an ROV. Suffice it to say, I have already gained approval to purchase a few more ROVs to look to future inspections throughout the plant. I would recommend to anyone looking for a way to perform underwater inspections safer, give Deep Trekker a try.

Thomas Griner

Operations Officer, Nuclear Power Facility, Midwest USA

We use this ROV extensively doing pipeline surveys, and for water tower inspections. The maneuverability and portability are huge pluses. And the video quality is better than that on our larger (and much more expensive) unit. Overall, an excellent piece of kit.

Dave Fraser

Owner / Operator at Sunset Diving