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"Our team have worked with Deep Trekker for several years and have found them to be the best supplier we have ever dealt with. The technology is market and industry leading and the after sales support is simply amazing."

Michael Larkin, Managing Director

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Foss Maritime Company

"After tracking the first year of ROV use, Foss realized an astounding actual and measurable impact of saving/earnings of a total of $135,650, which was DOUBLE original predictions."

Amanda Dayton, Shipyard Manager

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Ontario Power Generation (OPG)

"The ROV was able to do the entire inspection of the large tank to completion within 4-hours. The decontamination process was very, very minimal compared to a diver. Cost and safety were the driving factors to use the ROV over divers. This was a great tool to get in there to do the inspections and maintain cost and safety for everybody."

Che Swearengen, Frontline Manager

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When everything was said and done, all three forebay inspections were completed 100% satisfactory, were done safer, faster and with the innovation of using the (REVOLUTION ROV) vs. divers has the ability to save my company millions for the investment of a few thousand into an ROV.

Thomas Griner

Operations Officer, Nuclear Power Facility, Midwest USA

I would highly recommend the DT340 Crawler! the City of Hot Springs Arkansas Stormwater Division purchased the unit in 2017 and have inspected thousands of feet of stormwater sewer pipe with no issues. The battery operated unit provides plenty of power to inspect pipe for hours and is very mobile with no need for a generator or van to transport the unit. You won't regret the decision to purchase this unit. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Dan Carder

City of Hot Springs Arkansas Stormwater Division

Our larger ROV has often not been on a job site because it uses was not anticipated or it’s footprint was just too large. We purchased the DTG2 to fill in a gap we had; it’s small and ultra portable and the video feed is reasonable. We have basically shelved drop cameras that cost more than this unit.

Bruce Gray

Operations Officer, Environment Canada

Customer Reviews

Their innovation is remarkable and the products do, indeed, reflect that they listen to their customers. Thanks, Deep Trekker, for a great customer experience and great products.

Shelby Howell

OLC Services

Customer Reviews

If we lose a boat for half a day not knowing waiting for divers to show up, it can cost the public and economy a lot more. Yeah, it [the DTX2 ROV] definitely paid for itself already, and we’ve only had it operating for about five months.

Cotty Fay

Washington State Ferries

Customer Reviews

We cannot send divers down unless we are very sure the target will provide information because of the risk involved for the divers and boat operators. With these camera’s we would be able to be 100% sure that the subject is there or not and know we have covered 100% of the bottom. The ability to record this info is huge for searchers for situational awareness and historical data for reviewing and training purposes.

William Imus

Manager, Burns Lake Search and Rescue

Customer Reviews

Service & Support

PW Makar Inspection Services Ltd.

"Can’t say enough about Deep Trekker. Amazing unit. We have had no issues with our unit and we use it multiple times a week. Their customer support is the best I’ve seen."

Eric Bourne, NACE Certified Coatings Inspector

Exelon Nuclear

"There are many qualities an ROV manufacturer can have that are desirable, and a big one that Deep Trekker hits is service and support. Questions and issues are resolved very timely keeping us in the field performing inspections, thus keeping jobs on time."

Brett Scheunemann, Maintenance Planner

Pittsburg Tank & Tower Co., Inc

"Best customer service experience I have ever experienced. These guys products work beyond compare and they will help you in any way possible with any question you have. Blew my mind when the owner of the company actually called me himself and has emailed me several times to assist with questions."

David Haire, Director of Inspections

Victoria University of Wellington

"The team at Deep Trekker have been fantastic, from the advice they provided when we initially purchased our ROV, to the after sales support."

James Bell, Marine Ecologist, Professor in Marine Biology

Aqua-Cage Fisheries

"Great customer service and advice. Very convenient location (being in Canada). Friendly employees always able to help work on solutions to whatever problem you have. We highly recommend this company to anyone in need of an ROV. Virtually no down time!"

Kana Upton, Marine Biologist


"(Two) strong areas with DeepTrekker - Product & After Sales Service. Excellent product for Ship Hull Survey and an even better 24 hr support from the service team (special mention of Mr. Jeff Lotz) in case of any trouble.!"

Deepak T., Senior Engineer

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