Rugged and Robust Vectored ROV for your challenging environments.



Experience the World’s First Fully Portable Vectored ROV

The DTX2 is the culmination of our customers’ desires to have the same capability, portability, and ease of use in a package rated for offshore use, with a best in class 24 lbs of thrust. Integrating vectored thrusters allows for lateral movement in the horizontal plane, and by activating the pitch system, the DTX2 can achieve simultaneous vertical and lateral movement using only 4 thrusters.

The DTX2 comes with robust features as a standard, with many options for sophisticated add-ons such as single and multi-beam sonar, USBL positioning, Cutter Attachments, Cygnus Thickness Gauge, tether lengths up to 400 M. We encourage you to customize your add-ons and accessories to best fit your needs.

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DTX2 Package


Depth Rating 305 m (1000 ft)
Intelligent Features come Standard with the DTX2 ROV System. Work in higher currents, and maintain stability with the vectored thruster design and our patented pitching system.

Standard DTX2 ROV Package DTX2 ROV with Grabber Arm

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