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DTG3 Navigator Package

Rachel Doornekamp   |   November 21, 2019

Built for the everyday underwater professional, the DTG3 Navigator builds on the portability, durability and efficiency that Deep Trekker pilots are accustomed to. Thoughtfully designed with an added precision thruster and advanced USBL positioning system, the DTG3 Navigator delivers with a state of the art Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV).

Precision Thruster

The DTG3 Navigator has a third thruster, the precision thruster, added to the rear of the vehicle. With the precision thruster, users can move the ROV up and down without utilizing the pitch function. This third thruster allows users to make refined and precise depth changes while keeping the robot level. The ability to make exact depth changes, without rotating the vehicle, makes the DTG3 Navigator perfect for the trickiest of observation and inspection needs.

USBL System

Arguably one of the most difficult aspects of operating an ROV is understanding where the ROV is located under the water. The DTG3 Navigator solves this navigational issue with the use of an ultra short baseline (USBL) system. The USBL system provides pilots with a reliable and accurate way to determine the position of their ROV underwater. Wifi enabled maps allow users to see where both the controller and the ROV are located on a detailed map. Using this acoustic system, pilots have an enhanced understanding of their underwater position allowing for greater precision, accuracy and understanding.

In addition to the precision thruster and USBL positioning system, the Navigator has all the advanced capabilities of the DTG3 that you have come to expect. Depth rated for up to 200 metres (656 feet), battery operated for up to 8 hours of power and boasting a 4k ultra HD low-light camera, the Navigator combines the proven technology and power of the DTG3 with modern upgrades.

Constructed with cast aluminum, anodized and epoxy coated for corrosion resistance, the Navigator is made to last. Built to grow with you, your system can be enhanced with industry-specific add-ons and attachments.

Check out the DTG3 Navigator or reach out to one of our industry specialists today for more information.