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Getting Ready for Aquaculture Season

Rachel Doornekamp   |   November 22, 2019

As aquaculture season rapidly approaches for those in the Southern Hemisphere it’s more important than ever to make sure that you are prepared and ready to make this your best season yet.

It is imperative that farms ensure compliance with industry regulations in regards to infrastructure and equipment conditions, as well as hygiene and health standards.

Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) can help! The DTG3 ROV is perfect for thorough and efficient farm inspections. Equipped with a 4k UHD Camera to capture high quality footage in depth ratings up to 200 metres, regular inspections of nets, mooring lines and cages can be done to help ensure the integrity of aquaculture farms. With onboard batteries and up to 8 hours of battery life, fish farmers have the opportunity to inspect without the need to incur high costs of divers.

Monitor Fish Behaviour

Fish behaviour is a clear indicator of your stock’s health and wellbeing. Getting eyes underwater allows you to detect the first signs of potential health risks. Unusual fish behaviour like aggression and atypical swimming patterns are often early warning signs that something is amiss. Staying on top of these early warning signs of stress and disease helps avoid mortalities and subsequent financial losses.

The DTPod lets you monitor your fish 24/7. The fixed underwater camera provides 360 degree viewing of real time footage to keep eyes on your stock at all times.

Mort Retrieval

Unfortunately fish mortalities are an inevitable part of the aquaculture industry. Keep pens clean by removing morts in an effcicent manner. Often, morts gather at the bottom of the pen and as a result don’t make it to the collection system. Using Deep Trekker’s mort retrieval system, users can collect mortalities and push them into the mort pumping system or bring them to the surface for examination.

Feed Assessment

Frequent underwater monitoring allows you to make consistent feed assessments to ensure that you are raising the best fish possible. Monitor the feeding behaviour of your fish to ensure that you are maximizing your feeding processes and schedules. Identify feeding issues before they become a problem to maximize the health of your stock.

Net and Mooring Inspection

Prioritize structural integrity and ensure that you are following regulatory guidelines by keeping mooring lines and anchor points in top condition. Start the season off right with top quality pens and keep them that way with frequent inspection.

Deploy a Deep Trekker ROV to easily inspect the structural integrity of your pens. Make net and mooring inspections a part of your routine to stay on top of pen safety and security. Our net repair tool equips users with a simple way to repair nets quickly and effectively.

Preparing for aquaculture season can be overwhelming but Deep Trekker ROVs can make the job easier. Learn more or contact an industry specialist today!