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Which DTG3 Package is Right for You

Rachel Doornekamp   |   December 2, 2019

The DTG3 is our mini observation-class underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV). Available in 4 customizable packages, the DTG3 is a versatile and rugged vehicle suitable for a wide range of applications.

Depth rated to 200m(656ft) the DTG3 is equipped with a high quality 4k camera. With an eight hour battery life, the DTG3 is easily portable and ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice.

Powered by BRIDGE Technology, an intelligent platform from Deep Trekker, the DTG3 leverages the latest in technology to provide solutions that are intuitive and easy to use. BRIDGE Technology supports an operating system designed with custom hardware and software for control, integration, communication and enhanced operation.

DTG3 Starter

The DTG3 Starter is typically used by recreational customers or customers looking to get into a DTG3 and upgrade over time. With 50m(164ft) of tether, it has everything you need to start getting eyes underwater.

DTG3 Smart

The DTG3 Smart package includes conveniences such as a tether reel and a rugged Pelican carrying case on wheels, plus 25 additional meters(82ft) of tether. The most important function of the DTG3 Smart is the heading and depth sensors. These sensors enable you to understand what direction you are going, as well as set auto heading and auto depth, to stay on track even against current.

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DTG3 Expert

In addition to everything included in the DTG3 Smart package, the DTG3 Expert comes equipped with a Two Function Grabber Claw, to allow you to retrieve items, samples and hold tools. The Expert package also includes additional lighting, a laser scaler for estimating sizes of objects underwater, and 25 additional meters(82ft) of tether.

DTG3 Navigator

The DTG3 Navigator package includes all that the Expert includes, plus a precision thruster for easier depth holding and depth adjustments, as well as a USBL Positioning system to enable you to track your ROV on a Google Earth map right on the controller screen. The Navigator package also includes 200 meters(656ft) of tether.

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