Pipe Crawler with Elevating Arm
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DT340 Elevating Arm


Pipe inspection best practices include centering your camera head in the middle of your pipe. Now, with this elevating arm you can add additional height to your DT340 Pipe Crawler experience at any time. Quickly bring your camera head to the center of the pipe to ensure that you reach the perfect viewpoint in pipes as large as 36” (914 mm) in diameter.

Suitable for use with 10” or 12” wheel sets for the best stability.

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Product Description

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With optional auxiliary lights, large pipe inspection is easy with the DT340 pipe crawler. Control the elevating arm at any time during your inspection from the hand-held controller with live video feed. With an on-screen readout of elevating distance (inch or mm), quickly reference where your camera is resting in the pipe.

The elevating arm adds to the robust capabilities of the DT340 Pipe Crawler but maintains the same portable and submersible design. The entire pipe crawler, wearing 12″ wheels and the elevating arm, fit into one pelican carrying case. Depth rated to 50 m (164 ft).

When working in areas with potential obstacles, the elevating arm can position your camera to view any obstructions from a variety of angles and determine the best approach. With all DT340 Pipe Crawlers, the handheld controller will warn the operator of any potential roll-overs with flashing LED lights on the left and right wheels indicators.

The modular design of the DT340 product line allows for the elevating arm to be added at any time. Contact us today to learn more.

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