DT640 Cygnus Thickness Gauge Attachment by Deep Trekker™

$9,999 USD

Pricing shown in USD

The Cygnus Thickness Gauge is the industry standard for testing thickness of metals. The custom Deep Trekker™ attachment expands the ability of the DT640 Utility Crawler to remotely complete thickness testing.

The unique design of the DT640Mag, equipped with magnetic wheels, allows the Utility Crawler to test areas of interest, with the versatility to travel in almost any direction on ferrous metal. This makes the DT640 ideal for testing areas of interest and conducting hull and/or tank inspections.

The probe of 3.5MHz is ideal to test the metal thickness of a tanks, hulls, or corrosion without removing protective coatings. Optional probes of 2.25GHz or 5 MHz are available.


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  • Measures remaining metal thickness on corroded and coated structures
  • All measurements are error checked using 3 return echoes to give repeatable, reliable results
  • Accepted by all major classification societies
  • Greatly reduces inspection time and costs
  • Echo strength indicator to aid measurement.

Ideal Applications:

  • Tanks, Internal and External Inspections
  • Underwater Infrastructure Inspections
  • Vessel Hull and Ballast Tank Inspection

The Deep Trekker™ DT640 Thickness Gauge attachment includes a 3.5 MHz probe, ideal for investigating materials 2 mm – 150 mm (0.065″ – 6.000″) in thickness.


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Additional information


Sound velocities between 1000 and 9995 m/s


0.1 mm (0.005") when calibrated in accordance with Cygnus Instruments Calibration Procedures


0.05 mm (0.002")


No external power necessary


PC or laptop with VGA (Not included)


-10°C to +50°C (14°F to 122°F)


RINA Type approved


1 mm – 50 mm (0.045" – 4.000") with 5.0 MHz probe, 2 mm – 150 mm (0.065" – 6.000") with 3.5 MHz probe, 3 mm – 250 mm (0.100" – 9.995") with 2.25 MHz probe