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Remotely Operated Vehicles

Also called Deep Trekker ROVsROVs, Underwater Robots, or Underwater Drones; our remotely operated vehicles are the perfect tools to inspect your submerged infrastructure. Between our two different product lines, the DTG2 ROVs and DTX2 ROVs, we have the solution for your underwater inspections.

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Pipe Crawlers (CCTV Camera)

Deep Trekker Pipe Crawler Pipeline inspection has never been easier. Say goodbye to your dedicated truck and hello to a reliable and robust inspection system. Crawl through wet or dry pipes by piloting it all from a hand-held controller. With onboard batteries, never worry about bringing along a generator.

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DTG2 ROV Example

DTX2 ROV Example

DT340 Pipe Crawler Example


What Our Customers Are Saying

“Can’t say enough about Deep Trekker. Amazing unit. We have had no issues with our unit and we use it multiple times a week. Their customer support is the best I’ve seen, always helped me through issues caused by day to day operation. You guys are amazing.” – Eric Bourne

PW Makar Deep Trekker Customer

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