Deep Trekker Remotely Operated Vehicle Systems

We believe underwater tools should be portable, affordable, and easy to use.

Simplistic Sophistication

Our ROVs are like no other you’ve seen. Based on a clean-sheet design, we remove the complexity of owning and piloting a remotely operated vehicle – but without sacrificing quality or capabilities. All of our ROVs are based on the principle of bringing a portable, affordable, and easy to use solution to anyone that wants to look underwater. With this mission and our extensive experience as an innovator in the ROV industry, Deep Trekker is ready to provide you with the perfect ROV equipment for your operation.

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DTG2 Smart Package

Like no ROV you’ve seen before. Extremely maneuverable and portable solution for efficient inspections.

100 M (330 feet) and 150 M (492 feet) depth rating

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DTX2 Standard Package

Powerful vector thrusters for inspections that require lateral movement in deeper challenging environments.

305 M (1000 feet) depth rating

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Diveable Monitor

We’ve integrated sophisticated Options previously only available on larger and costly ROVs to our portable subsea vehicles.

Design your ROV to fit exactly within your requirements

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Key Features


Because the power source of the ROV resides in the vehicle itself, Deep Trekker is able to take advantage of a low-drag, minimal diameter tether. With neutrally buoyant tether from 5mm to 6mm depending on options required, the power is fully utilized in maneuvering the ROV, and not in dragging heavy tether through the water. Furthermore, high-strength fibers are integrated into the polyurethane tether so that the ROVs can be managed without the need for additional leads.


Using our unique internal pitching system, Deep Trekker ROVs are able to move in every direction using only horizontally-mounted thrusters. The pitching system allows the pilot to orient the outer body of the ROV in any angle through the vertical arc so that the thrusters are driving the ROV in the desired direction. This simple and elegant solution allows for full thrust power not just horizontally, but vertically and through the arc as well.


Heavy control boxes, arduous software and extra power requirements can be a thing of the past using our fully integrated super-bright-screen controller. By far the easiest and simplest solution to ROV piloting, the gaming-style controller comes complete with a super-bright, sun-light readable 5.6″ screen for video and information overlay*. An additional control box with full PC capability for Sonar, USBL and sensors can also be added.


With the 360 window paired with the 270 degree camera sweep and the 180 degree pitch angle, the Deep Trekker ROVs can see in front, behind, above, below and all points in between using only one HD, low-light camera. All systems come complete with an LED lighting system that tracks with the camera. Optional side-facing cameras and superbright lighting systems bring unmatched visibility and viewing flexibility to the mini ROV market.


The Deep Trekker ROV systems come complete and fully integrated. Powered by long-lasting batteries housed within, the ROV typically last 6 to 8 hours on a single charge. With an empty-to-full battery charge time of only 1.5 hours, getting a full day’s work is not a problem. Robust 19.2VDC power systems propel the DTG2 up to 2.5kt with 100m of tether deployed in real life conditions. Combined with our strong but light weight case and heavy-duty reel with electronic slip ring, Deep Trekker provides the ultimate portable ROVs.


The Deep Trekker ROVs are constructed of sturdy cast aluminum, anodized and expoxy coated for corrosion resistance. The unique spherical design has inherent strength, and combines with the proprietary, no-maintenance thrusters – making the durability of our systems is unmatched. Clean-sheet engineering and innovation continue to ensure that the Deep Trekker mini ROVs will last for years. Even if your needs evolve past the capabilities of your ROV, you can get attachments to enhance its functionality and extend its useful lifespan even further.

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