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Robotics for Effective and Efficient Vessel Inspections

Friday June 19 | 10am - 11am EDT

Regular inspections are crucial in maintaining port safety and optimizing vessel operations.

In this “Think Tank Friday” experts talk about how robotics can be used to effectively and efficiently visually inspect hulls. Connect and learn from shipyard managers to see how they are using ROVs to perform block checks during drydocking, inspect hulls and running gear, monitor ports and glean helpful information on equipment failure.

Who’ll you’ll meet

Petter Korslund

Sales Director, Jotun Hull Performance Solutions

Thomas Ottosen

Group Technical Service, Projects, Jotun Hull Performance Solutions

Amanda Dayton

Member Revere Marine LLC

Luke Richardson

Sales and Marketing Manager, 2G Robotics

Carter Sinclair

ROV Expert, Deep Trekker

Cody Warner

Sales Manager, Deep Trekker

Topics will include

  • Case studies
  • Industry challenges and opportunities
  • Understanding of how ROVs are used in the Maritime industry
  • Q&A