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Robotics in Marine Search and Recovery

Friday June 12 | 10am - 11am EDT

Search and recovery missions are dangerous for divers and time is critical.

Submersible robotics can provide valuable help. This “Think Tank Friday” brings together industry experts in sonar technology with experienced search and rescue teams to provide a complete look at search and rescue operations. Hear about rescue and recovery missions, challenges and solutions that help navigate, locate and retrieve victims or evidence in this live, interactive panel.

Who’ll you’ll meet

Special Agent Glenn Lang

Maine State Police

Chief Shane Seagroves

Director of Emergency Services, Lee County, NC

Scott McLay

Sales Director, Tritech International Limited

Carter Sinclair

ROV Expert, Deep Trekker

Cody Warner

Sales Manager, Deep Trekker

Topics will include

  • Case studies
  • Industry challenges and opportunities
  • Understanding of how ROVs are used in the Search and Rescue industry
  • Q&A