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Best Practices in Running a Submerged Infrastructure Inspection Company

Friday May 29 | 1pm - 2pm EDT

In this week’s Think Tank Friday you will learn what it takes to run a successful infrastructure inspection business

Gain insight into how to perform submerged structure inspections, water tank inspections and perform robotic tank cleaning. Join us to hear front line stories from some of the best inspection leaders in the world. Learn how industry leaders created inspection service companies using ROVs and Robotics, and the critical role they play in critical municipal and maritime operations.

Who’ll you’ll meet

Blake Spittle

Owner, Complete Waters

Wayne Muzyka

Owner, Aquavision Services

Andrew Sutherland

Owner, Atlantic Data Acquisition Services

Jason Gillham

Founder and CEO of 2G Robotics

Cody Warner

Sales Manager, Deep Trekker

Tristan Walker

Industry expert, Deep Trekker

Topics will include

  • Case studies
  • Industry challenges and opportunities
  • Understanding of how ROVs are used in the infrastructure industry
  • Q&A