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Subsea Damage Control Using Portable ROVs  - A Virtual Demonstration


Tuesday April 7th | 2pm EST | 6pm GMT | with Sam Macdonald

Deep Trekker ROVs are ideal for condition assessment and situational awareness below the waterline. The one-man portable DTG3 is a rapidly deployable, battery-powered system that is stable, easy to use, reliable, and backed by Deep Trekker’s renowned service. Multiple defense agencies, both surface and submarine, have adopted the DTG3 for use as standard equipment aboard vessels for damage control, battle damage assessment and situational awareness applications.

In this session you can learn about ROVs for:

  • Diving and salvage operations
  • Explosive Ordnance and Mine Countermeasures Operations
  • Damage control/battle damage assessment
  • Critical infrastructure monitoring
  • Get your questions answered live, with Sam Macdonald

What you'll discover

Easily record all investigations with voice-over to an SD card

Rapid deployment time

Sophisticated Options such as Sonar and USBL Positioning Systems

Count me in!

Who you will meet

Sam has always been curious about what lies beneath the waves of the Great Lakes which surround her home in Southern Ontario, Canada. After more than 15 years refining her skills in sales, marketing and leadership, including 8 years of applications engineering in the robotics automation industry, Sam put her degree and a passion for technology to work. In 2010, she partnered with Jeff Lotz to bring Deep Trekker’s underwater robotics to the world.

Vehicles on Display

ROV on display - defense - no price

We're bringing you an exclusive demonstration live!

Experience the difference.

These portable, submersible, battery operated vehicles come in the form of the DT640 MAG Utility Crawler and the DTG3 and REVOLUTION ROVs.

You won't want to miss it!

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