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Have Eyes Underwater with Submerged Robotic Solutions - Live Webinar


Friday April 10th | 10am EST | 2pm GMT | with Carter Sinclair

There are many threats to our ports and inspection of a ships hull is key for identifying unknown objects such as contraband and narcotics. ROVs can be used to visually inspect the hulls as well as use sonar technologies to ensure that all submerged areas of the vessel are clear of illegal shipments. Operators can stand on deck without having to call in dive teams and subject them to the danger of being trapped below the vessel and the possible danger of explosives placed on the vessel.

In this session you can learn:

  • How ROVs can help keeps human divers out of the water and safe from potentially dangerous scenarios.
  • How to catch minor issues before they become a large expensive problem.
  • How you can save time in hull inspections with the need for divers or dry docking.
  • Get your questions answered live, with Industry Expert, Carter Sinclair.

What you'll discover

Compact and extreme maneuverability for inspection of confined spaces

270 degree camera rotation to quickly view the bottom of the hull

Avoid unnecessary down time in deploying a dive team or lifting out of water

Count me in!

Who you will meet

Carter is a Business Development Representative focusing on the Search and Rescue and Maritime industries. With a passion for customer experience, he is dedicated to providing exemplary service. A natural ambassador and advocate for exploring new technologies.

Vehicles on Display

ROV on display - defense - no price

We're bringing you an exclusive demonstration live!

Experience the difference.

These portable, submersible, battery operated vehicles come in the form of the DT640 MAG Utility Crawler and the DTG3 and REVOLUTION ROVs.

You won't want to miss it!

Count me in!

Want to see more?

We have multiple online events planned through the coming weeks. Check them out and register for any others you may be interested in.