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Webinar | ROV Overview [01-04-20]

On April 1st Deep Trekker’s Sale Manager Cody Warner hosted a live webinar about our submersible remotely operated vehicles or ROVs. We are delighted to share the webinar with those who were unable to attend, or to give a refresher to those interested.

Get to Know Deep Trekker

Headquartered in the silicon valley of the North, Kitchener, Ontario, Deep Trekker is home to innovative submersible remotely operated vehicles or ROVs. Deep Trekker began after current President Sam Macdonald accidentally dropped her flashlight overboard and remarked that she needed a robot to go get the light for her. What started as a light hearted joke in Lake Huron has turned into a global company with over 50 employees worldwide and sales in over 80 countries.

Our Robots

At Deep Trekker we manufacture robots for various tasks including inspection, cleaning, retrieval and sampling, among others. In addition to the swimming ROVs, Deep Trekker offers pipe crawlers, utility crawlers and submersible cameras.

We pride ourselves on designing and manufacturing tough, durable, and innovative vehicles.

Our Industries

Deep Trekker vehicles are used primarily by 10 different industries, with various applications in these industries. Aquaculture Infrastructure Energy Defense Maritime Industries Municipalities Search and Rescue Commercial Diving Ocean Science Underwater Discovery

BRIDGE Technology

BRIDGE technology is an operating system designed with custom hardware and software to enhance operation capabilities and make controls as intuitive as possible. Simplified control Seamless integration Zero latency Enhanced operations Remote firmware upgrades

With BRIDGE Technology, we can utilize our handheld controller to view and record various data in one place, including Google map location of the ROV, estimated GPS, depth, compass direction, imaging sonar, water temperature, date and time stamps among others.

If the portable controller screen is too small, we do have video outputs allowing data to be displayed on a larger screen or digital video goggles. All video, photos and data can be recorded to the SD card plugged into the back of the controller.


The DTG3 is a basketball sized ROV perfect for getting eyes underwater quickly. Rugged and versatile, the DTG3 is quick to deploy and easy to use.

The DTG3 comes equipped with a wide angle, low light specialized 4k or 1080p (depending on your configuration) camera. The camera is on a gimbal allowing it to rotate 270 degrees. This is especially useful as it provides users with the ability to hover and scan, or drive straight while looking straight up at a ship’s hull for example. Depth rated to 200m/656 feet 8 hour battery life with 1 hour recharge time Hybrid power ability as plugged in controller can trickle charge ROV 1 wheeled Pelican carrying case 270 degree rotating camera

With BRIDGE technology and sensors, the DTG3 can keep itself stable. Active yaw stabilization keeps the ROV stable in turns or when fighting current. Auto depth hover allows the vehicle to stay in one location or stay in depth on a straight line. Auto heading lets you hold the ROV on a compass degree. Camera stabilization keeps the camera stable when the ROV is moving.

Constructed with cast aluminium, anodized and epoxy coated for corrosion resistance, the DTG3 is designed to be durable. Magnetically coupled drive assembly for thrusters creates a watertight seal that doesn’t wear down or require greasing.

The Deep Trekker team is more than happy to customize however there are pre-set packages available.

The Starter package is perfect for quick inspections and to get a camera underwater.

The Smart package is geared towards professionals who rely on the ROV for work such as inspections.

The Expert package adds on to the smart package with more tether, as well as a two function grabber arm, a laser scaler and auxiliary lighting.

The DTG3 Navigator package is the most advanced of the DTG3 Packages with an added USBL system and a precision thruster. The precision thruster, placed at the rear of the vehicle, allows for small vertical movements and precise depth adjustments.


The Revolution is a more powerful ROV for heavier currents and bigger payloads. The 6 thruster platform is 50% faster with 5 times more thrust than the DTG3. Like the DTG3, the Revolution comes with a 4k/1080p rotating camera specially designed to work in low light. Depth rated to 305m/1000ft 8 hour battery life with 3 hour recharge time Swappable batteries allow users to swap out batteries in under 2 minutes 2 wheeled Pelican cases 260 degree camera rotation

Built with carbon fiber, anodized aluminium and stainless steel components, the REVOLUTION is tough and mission ready. Like the DTG3, magnetically coupled thrusters do not require greasing or oiling.

The REVOLUTION has one base package with 300m of tether, a grabber arm, laser scaler, intelligent sensors and spare batteries.

Both ROVs can be equipped with virtually any of our available add-ons.


As GPS does not function underwater, Deep Trekker uses ultra short baseline or USBL, to determine positioning underwater.

A dunking transducer is placed into the water to ping the ROVs transponder, allowing it to acquire the position of the ROV. The Google maps enabled controller will allow you to show a Google map on screen providing the ROV’s location in relation to the beacon.

Using a GPX file, different points of interest can be visualized on screen, allowing for accurate and thorough reports. Furthermore, the data can be exported into a csv file to monitor different data points over the span of your dive.


Sound Navigation and Ranging (Sonar) technology is a system for the detection of objects underwater by means of sound waves sent out and reflected by those objects. Especially helpful for low visibility underwater operations when a camera system or diver would be unable to see clearly on their own, sonar is useful in a variety of applications.

With BRIDGE technology, sonar can be operated directly on the controller screen.

You can learn more about USBL and sonar in our What Can Sonar and USBL Do For Me blog.

Warranty and Service

At Deep Trekker we pride ourselves on our strong customer service. We are thrilled to offer our Deep Trekker Advantage Program. The Advantage Program keeps customers up and running no matter what happens on the job.


Comes standard on all vehicles 1 years parts, shipping and labour warranty


3 year parts, shipping and labour warranty Users have a dedicated loaner system housed at Deep Trekker to be shipped for immediate replacement if necessary. At the end of the 3 year term, the loaner vehicle is offered at a discounted rate.


3 year parts, shipping and labour warranty Users have a dedicated loaner system housed at Deep Trekker to be shipped for immediate replacement if necessary. At the end of the 3 year term users are given a brand new unit, as well as the opportunity to purchase the loaner system at a discounted price.

The Deep Trekker team is here to help you with any questions you may have. Contact us to speak to our industry experts or to get your customized quote.