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DT640 VAC XL 18" Package

$23,846 USD

DT640 VAC XL 18" Package

$23,846 USD

DT640 VAC XL utility vacuum robot

The ultimate underwater robot vacuum package. This DT640 VAC crawler is equipped with an 18-inch dual intake vacuum head - including a pan and tilt elevated camera head for easier navigation and additional lighting.

DT640 VAC Utility Crawler General Specifications

Length710 mm (27.95")
Width406 mm (13")
Height228 mm (9")
Weight15kg (34 lb)
MaterialsStainless Steel ALuminum, High Strength Acrylic
Submersible Depth Rating50 m (164 ft)
WheelsRubber 2WD
Turn Radius0 mm (0")
Speed12 m / min
Opperating Temp-5C - 40C (23F - 104F)
Warranty1 Year - parts and labor (extended 2-3 yrs optional)

DT640 VAC Utility Crawler - Electrical System

System19.2 VDC (LIthium Batteries)
Battery Run TimeUp to 8 Hours
Battery Recharge1.5 Hours
SensorsIncline, Roll, Leak, Camera Pan/Tilt
Lighting900 Lumens
Camera700HD TVL, color, 0.001 LUX (low light) Controller Detected

DT640 Utility Crawler - Drive System

PowerPlanetary Gear Motor (2 pieces)
Wheel ControlSteerable, Cruise Control, Infinitely Variable (Forward and Reverse)
Gear TrainHigh Strength Oversized Gears
Final DrivesMagnetically Coupled

DT640 Utility Crawler - Tether Specs

Tether Diameter6.2 mm (0.24")
Tether Length50 m - 400 m (164 ft - 1312 ft)
Tether ConstructionPolyurethane Outer Jacket with Embedded Light Weight Synthetic Fibers
Max Working Strength90 kg (200 lb)

DT640 Utility Crawler - Tether Real

ConstructionIndustrial tough; IP68
Standard Length75m (246 ft)
Optional CapacityUp to 400m (1,312 ft)