ROVs With Sonar Scanning Capabilities

Sonar ROVs to enhance your vision underwater.

Deep Trekker ROVs: Underwater Robotics Designed and Constructed for Numerous Purposes

Sound Navigation and Ranging (Sonar) technology uses sound waves for purposes such as navigation, communication and locating objects, typically in an underwater setting. The key advantage of using sonar in underwater operations is for low-visibility situations where a camera system or a diver’s eyes cannot see.

Deep Trekker Offers Remote Operated Sonar Scanning Vehicles

Deep Trekker, Inc. offers remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) equipped with cameras that are widely used for tasks such as underwater inspections, video recording, maintenance and repair operations. With additional attachments, they can become effective multibeam sonar ROVs.

By adding the optional TriTech Micron or the TriTech Gemini 720is Multibeam Imaging Sonar attachment, you get the benefit of remote operated sonar scanning that will significantly enhance your ROV’s ability to identify hidden objects that might otherwise go undetected by a camera system. These attachments allow for both side and forward sonar scanning capabilities. TriTech International Limited is a leading global designer, manufacturer and integrator of reliable, high-precision underwater imaging equipment that is widely regarded as the standard for the industry.

TriTech ROV Sonar

Gemini 720ik Multibeam Imaging Sonar

Gemini Multibeam Integrated to DTX2 ROVThe Gemini 720ik is a compact, lightweight multibeam sonar device that will instantly transform your underwater inspection drone into a multifunctioning imaging sonar ROV. Compatible with any Deep Trekker ROV system, the Gemini 720ik sonar scanner provides a 120-degree field of vision and integrated sound velocity sensor to produce a more detailed, data-rich image, even in poor visibility conditions
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TriTech Micron Sonar

Sonar-ImagenexThe TriTech Micron is a single beam sonar system that uses compressed high-intensity radar pulse (CHIRP) technology for enhanced range resolution. Micron transmits a single 360-degree beam that provides superior object recognition and avoidance. Micron also features Digital Sonar Technology (DST) that delivers the high level of image resolution and clarity typically found in larger, more expensive sonar systems. TriTech Micron is compatible with the Deep Trekker DTG2 and DTX2 ROV products.
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MicronNav USBL

military underwater drone micronnav-usbl-sonar
The MicronNav is a positioning system that allows operators to accurately identify the underwater drone’s location below the water. Learn More >

Blueprint Oculus ROV Sonar

Oculus Multibeam Imaging Sonar

oculus multibeam sonars deep trekker dtg2 rov mountBlueprint Subsea Oculus Multibeam sonar provides several quick and adaptable sonar systems to mount on various Deep Trekker underwater ROVs. Varying in frequency, range, and resolution, the Oculus Multibeam sonars offer multiple solutions for diverse underwater applications.
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DT640 Magnetic Crawler Sonar

dt640 magnetic crawler oculus sonarThe DT640 Utility Crawler can be outfitted with high-powered magnetic wheels – making it easier to conduct hull inspections of steel vessels even in high currents. Even turbid water won’t stop an inspection. With the mountable Oculus sonar, the entire vessel’s hull can be seen through Blueprint’s imaging software.
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Who Can Benefit From Using a Sonar ROV?

A sonar scan ROV can prove invaluable in a wide range of industries and applications. Examples include:

  • Search and rescue operations: The use of sonar can make it easier to locate evidence or individuals who may have fallen overboard, victims of boating accidents and potential drowning victims.
  • Underwater salvage operations: Sonar technology facilitates the location of underwater objects in deep sea salvage operations where murky waters may hinder maximum camera visibility.
  • Inspecting submerged infrastructure: The sonar detection capabilities of the Micron and Gemini 720is can speed up and simplify the process of locating and inspecting underwater infrastructure such as piping systems.
  • Underwater discovery: A sonar ROV can prove invaluable in helping undersea discovery operations when exploring sunken ships located well below the surface.
  • Academic research: Sonar technology can aid academic researchers in their efforts to monitor aquatic wildlife or environmental conditions.

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