Underwater ROVs

Submersible robots to meet a variety of industry needs.


Remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) from Deep Trekker, Inc. are essentially remote control submarines with cameras that enable you to see underwater — without having to get into the water yourself. The undersea remote operated vehicle’s spherical design enables it to fit easily into tight areas, while its 180-degree rotating ability provides unparalleled viewing capacity. The intuitive controls make our undersea cameras easy to operate — no formal training is required!


How Can You Use Your Remote Controlled Underwater Submarine?

When combined with their built-in reliability and durability, our underwater viewing devices can serve a wide variety of valuable purposes for industries such as aquaculture, infrastructure, energy, military/security/police, shipping, commercial and salvage diving and underwater discovery. Examples include:

  • Infrastructure maintenance: Municipalities and service companies can use the ROV’s underwater remote camera to perform frequent inspections of storm water/drain pipes, water tanks, sewer pipes, etc. to ensure the piping systems are functioning properly and are free of damage.
  • Repair tasks: Our undersea robots come with numerous attachments that can perform some basic repair tasks identified during routine inspections. This can often reduce the need — and associated risk and cost — of hiring a commercial diver.
  • Video recording: The underwater robotic cameras can automatically record events in a specified area. This underwater video system can be beneficial for activities such as monitoring aquatic wildlife, conducting academic research or maintaining security at an undersea drilling platform or port.
  • Search and recovery operations: The ROV’s advanced underwater viewing system, including an underwater camera with a monitor, can prove invaluable for locating and retrieving potential drowned victims or finding individuals quickly in situations where dangerous waters could prevent or delay search teams from entering the water.
  • Locating “buried treasure”: Underwater discovery teams can use our mini submarines as underwater inspection vehicles to explore shipwreck sites from the surface. Internal inspection of confined areas inside the ship can be completed safely from the surface or by a diver outside the shipwreck, using our diveable controller system.
  • Water sampling: The underwater inspection drone can assist in the process of collecting water and sediment samples that are required for water purity testing and other scientific or research purposes.
  • Hull inspections: Using the underwater camera to perform hull inspections provides a cost-effective preventive maintenance step that can detect signs of minor hull damage before it can become a serious issue. One of the biggest benefits of using a remote operated underwater drone is the early detection of potentially destructive hull corrosion.
  • Offshore windfarm construction: Our remote controlled underwater drone cameras can assist in the installation and construction of offshore windfarms by enabling the monitoring of divers as they work and performing inspections of newly installed equipment.
  • Fishery/Aquaculture uses: Commercial fisheries and aquaculture farms can make use of our underwater observation ROVs for tasks such as inspecting predator nets for damage, inspecting mooring lines and other submerged infrastructure, monitoring fish health, feeding and behavior. Our unique mort retrieval tool provides a simple means of collecting a mort to perform diagnostics or aid the lift-up system.


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