5 Things to Experience Underwater

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Beneath the waves there is a whole world waiting for you to explore. Hears a list of just a few things you’ll find once you start looking.
1. Stepping back in Time

It’s pretty hard to develop a time machine, unless you’re exploring the depths of a sunken ship wreck. You’ll be transformed back to the times where our world was not mapped by Google but by explorers and cartographers

Shipwreck with Underwater Camera

2. Visiting the Underwater Zoo for Free
There is a whole world of wildlife underwater those waves. Giraffes, zebras, and lions have met their match when you see seals, octopi, or stingrays in their natural habitat. (We discovered an alligator, watch the video here)

ROV Encounters Alligator

3. Discovering Mountains

Underwater mountains? Yes, I mean coral reefs. Exploring the nooks where sea creatures love to hide; a masterpiece of an ecosystem working together from the minuscule polyps, sea anemones, to crustaceans, sponges, and fish. These beautiful reefs are the most diverse home for the underwater world.

Exploring the Reef


4. Finding Lost Treasures

Missing those sunglasses, new watch, or car keys? Yes, there is plenty of valuables people lose to the depths of our waters. Find an old lure or maybe even some gold once you start looking – the possibilities are endless.

As luck would have it, we dropped our camera.


5. Seeing Our impact on the Environment

It is almost like we have blocked out all of the garbage and trash lying around our cities and city blocks – when you see a crab making its home in that thrown away soda can – you get a new appreciation of how much trash we have in our oceans and waters. Not until you start looking underwater, will your eyes be opened. (We’ve posted a blog about this too.)

Plastic in the Ocean


There are so many more things that you can discover underwater. Visit us at booth 4003 at the Miami Boat Show to learn how you can explore the underwater world with the Deep Trekker ROV without ever getting wet! Our ‘underwater drones’ as some visitors call it provide a first-hand view of these amazing sites underwater and can even retrieve that lost gold when you find it with its grabber arm!

What amazing things have you discovered underwater? We want to know, and be sure to drop us a line if you’ll be at the Miami Boat Show February 12 – 16th.

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