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Aquaculture ROV | Save Time & Money with Deep Trekker

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Take control of your net inspections and ensure effective cleaning and monitoring for wear and tear that could cause fish escapes using Deep Trekker’s Aquaculture ROV. Make pen and net inspections part of your routine, and monitor stock health and feeding.

Learn how Deep Trekker ROVs are contributing to the aquaculture industry, around the world:

Net Inspections

Perform regular and efficient net inspections. With the 270 degree rotating camera, you can capture the full pen and net in one sweep.

Mooring Inspections

Ensure mooring lines and anchor points are secured to guarantee structural integrity. This is necessary when setting up initial pen installations and to adhere to regulatory agency guidelines.

Mort Removal

Using the ROV equipped with the mort removal tool, morts can be moved into a lift up system or brought to the surface for inspection

Feeding Assessment & Fish Husbandry

Using the network solution of underwater camera systems, monitor the feeding process, stock health and observe fish behaviour.

Now what ROV is best suited for you? Take a look at our most common Aquaculture ROV packages below:

DTG3 Smart

Deep Trekker Aquaculture ROV

Most commonly used ROV system used to perform regular net and mooring inspections and feeding assessments. Equipped with 4K recording camera, 75M tether length, direction and depth sensors.

DTG3 – Mort Retrieval Kit

Aquaculture ROV Mort retrieval kit

Remove mortality with the DTG3 mort retrieval system.

DTPod Underwater Cameras

Aquaculture ROV DTPod Camera

The DTPod is equipped with a pan and tilt camera for monitoring feed, surveilling pens and stock. Survey an entire site using the wireless network of underwater cameras.

Build a Custom Package

Have a specific project in mind? Create your own unique package to suit your application.

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