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ROVs for Underwater Search and Recovery Missions

Providing first responders tools for drowning and evidence recovery.


Search and recovery missions are dangerous for divers and time is critical. Deep Trekker remotely operated vehicles provide real-time visual and allow you to deploy tailor-made tools such as sonar, to navigate and locate through turbid waters; and a grabber arm, to retrieve victims or evidence. Talk to our Industry Specialists today about your specific needs and to learn more about:

  • Identifying targets
  • Conducting a victim or evidence recovery mission
  • Training & diver monitoring
  • Underwater search techniques
  • How does sonar work

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ROVs tools to identify targets

Once the side scan has completed it's sweep of the area, search and rescue teams are able to mark areas of interest where their target may be located. Traditionally, divers are deployed at this point and must navigate through the murky water and hope to come across their mark. With zero visibility, these divers must rely on touch to move around and to locate their target. Deep Trekker ROVs are becoming more widely used in search and recovery missions. Not to replace divers - but work in tandem. Similar to traditional methods, after the side scan has completed, the ROV can be quickly deployed to identify the target. Pair your ROV with a multibeam imaging sonar, a mission critcal tool to reidentify the target and get visual confirmation.

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Location Tracking

Using the REVOLUTION NAV package equipped with USBL and DVL, teams can plot their course and verify what areas have been previously searched for points of interest. Location tracking and breadcrumbing capabilities allow crews to record notes, photos and videos at waypoints for further analysis and record keeping. Furthermore, overlaid maps and station holding make real time positioning and navigation even easier for searching in large areas. With Deep Trekker's Mission Planner you can create waypoints at predefined locations to navigate directly to known side scan sonar targets.

Law Enforcement and Police Rescue operations

Many cities and police units have a marine unit to assist police and other first responders. A remote operated vehicle for law enforcement agency use can aid a diving team and facilitate search and rescue operations to locate drowning victims. ROVs can also help first responders in their underwater rescue efforts. Search sites are often in treacherous waters; an additional ROV can complement the marine unit to provide additional safety by monitoring of police divers.

Provide Additional Safety by Monitoring Divers

The easily transportable and deployable robots allow teams to work effectively in remote and difficult locations. In an industry as potentially dangerous as search and recovery, the assistance provided by an ROV keeps divers safe and out of precarious situations. Most importantly, the risk to a diver can be closely monitored from the surface while a retrieval or inspection is being conducted.

We cannot send divers down unless we are very sure the target will provide information because of the risk involved for the divers and boat operators. With these cameras we would be able to be 100% sure that the subject is there or not and know we have covered 100% of the bottom. The ability to record this info is huge for searchers for situational awareness and historical data for reviewing and training purposes.

William Imus

Manager, Burns Lake Search and Rescue

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Why Deep Trekker for Search and Rescue?

30 second deployment time

Launch in the most remote areas with no topside power or boxes required

Gaming style controller to significantly reduce the learning curve

Sophisticated Options such as Sonar and USBL Positioning Systems

Affordable robust equipment

Record investigations on the Deep Trekker DVR with voice-over capabilities

Identifying targets of interest

Paired with a side scan sonar, Deep Trekker ROVs are the perfect tool for target identification. Even in low visibility water, the ROVs equipped with imaging sonar can effectively navigate to targets of interest.

Victim and evidence recovery

When a target has been identified, Deep Trekker ROVs are used for the retrieval process. Once the ROV is on location, divers can follow the tether to the target. If the divers are limited by depth and temperature, the retrieval can be completed using the ROV grabber arm.

Rapid search response

Timing is critical during all search missions. With no topside power required, Deep Trekker ROVs can be ready and deployed within seconds. The ROVs also help to maximize the search effort, expanding time underwater and allowing the search to continue without interruption.