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ROV Inspection with SAAM Towage Canada

One of the major port operators in America and the fourth-largest towing services provider in the world, SAAM Towage is a vital global logistics operator.

With a fleet of 22 tugboats servicing 7 ports in British Columbia, SAAM Towage Canada is primarily focused on ship docking and escort duties for oil & gas tankers. We were absolutely delighted to speak with Stuart Jones, Technical Superintendent, Maintenance Department for SAAM Towage Canada to learn more about how Stuart and his team use their DTG3s.

SAAM Towage

Using the DTG3

The SAAM Towage Canada team uses their vehicles for a variety of tasks to optimize their operations from scheduled inspections to quick, on-the-spot tasks.

“We use our ROVs for scheduled underwater inspections of vessels to monitor the underwater condition of components and structures,” explained Stuart. “We also use them for quick inspections of vessels’ underwater components - lots of debris exists on the West Coast so it is not uncommon to strike logs sitting just below the surface.”

“The video and photo features are our most used feature,” said Stuart.

Stuart noted specifically how the use of ROVs allows the SAAM Towage team to streamline and accelerate their processes. DTG3s allow Stuart to “follow up immediately on reports of suspected underwater damage to vessels. If a Captain reports of a possible contact with a submerged object, we can immediately assess the vessel and expedite its return to service if no significant damage is found during the inspection with the ROV. Previously we would have to wait for an available dive team.”

SAAM Towage Crew

The Deep Trekker Difference

At Deep Trekker we pride ourselves on empowering our customers. Stuart described the customer service as “fast, effective and enjoyable.”

Noting the “simple, effective design” on the vehicles, Stuart specifically highlighted “the picture quality and ease of operation” when discussing the ROVs.

“The introduction of the DTG3 as a tool for inspection of our fleet has been an exciting and rewarding process,” shared Stuart. “I’m looking forward to continued success of the units to complement our operation.”

We sincerely thank Stuart and SAAM Towage Canada for their time and effort in sharing their story. To learn more about Deep Trekker reach out today - our team of experts is here to answer any questions you may have.