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Simplifying Operations with Verreault Navigation

We were lucky enough to speak to the team at Verreault Navigation to learn more about how they use the DTG3 to enhance day to day operations.

Founded more than 50 years ago, Verreault Navigation Inc. figures prominently in the Canadian maritime field. Based out of Les Méchins, Québec, Verreault Navigation specializes in ship repair and maintenance. One of the top shipyards on the Atlantic Seaboard, Verreault Navigation is strategically located to work on the full range of vessels that travel the St. Lawrence Seaway. The Verreault Navigation team continues to pursue its ongoing mission: providing ship-owners with exemplary work in a safe environment, at a competitive cost and with industry-leading turnaround times.

Maritime Inspection

Using the DTG3

Verreault Navigation uses the DTG3 for underwater inspection of the vessels brought in for repair and maintenance.

“We are a ship repair facility complete with drydock and wharf. We are proud to repair vessels of up to 800 ft in length and 90 ft width. We use the Deep Trekker for inspections of the ship’s hull before docking. The main reason we need to inspect the hull is to see if the bottom is free of ice or other obstructions. We also use our Deep Trekker to confirm vessel position over blocks in the drydock prior to removing water and to ensure the vessel's drawings are up to date with any possible hull modifications prior to settling the vessel on the blocks.”

The use of the DTG3 allows the Verreault Navigation team to quickly and conveniently inspect hulls and blocks to ensure safe and effective drydockings and repairs.

“We can more readily ensure vessel safety prior to settling on the dock blocks. In the past we would have had to have divers come to do certain inspections if we had doubts. The Deep Trekker allows us much more autonomy in this aspect and allows us to intervene much quicker and ensure our clients do not lose precious time in dock.”

Time is money, especially in the shipping industry. By utilizing the DTG3 to inspect blocks and ensure the ship is stable in the drydock, the Verreault Navigation team can minimize the time needed for necessary drydockings.

The Verreault Navigation team also noted that the “camera and recordings” were the most used feature on their DTG3.

Need a ROV for your next hull inspection?

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The Deep Trekker Difference

Verreault Navigation recently upgraded to the DTG3 Smart.”We have since upgraded to the newer version and find that it has many more options available including better camera controls, speed and fine tuning adjustments and the new remote with integrated screen is wider with integrated recording.”

When you buy an ROV from Deep Trekker, you buy the team, the ideas, the vision, and the support. The Verreault Navigation team noted that the Deep Trekker “customer service has been excellent.”

We sincerely thank Verreault Navigation for their time and effort in making this story. To learn more about Verreault Navigation head to their website .

As always, the Deep Trekker team is available to answer any questions you may have. Reach out today!

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