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New Breakthrough: Ballan Wrasse for Sustainable Aquaculture

Shannon Regan   |   August 9, 2018

Two of Scotland’s leading fish farming companies have helped to close the cycle of ballan wrasse – successfully breeding from farm-raised broodstock.

The Future of Sustainable Aquaculture is Now

ballan wrasse scotland aquaculture

Scotland’s leading fish farm companies have been working to breed wild-caught ballan wrasse and raise the offspring from egg to adults of reproductive age.

Now, in what is believed to be a world first, those same offspring have produced their own eggs, completing the lifecycle of farming wrasse in a controlled environment. This has led to successfully weaning the wrasse larvae and fry from live food to a dry diet. This marks a key milestone for aquaculture specialists and one that will give salmon farmers more control over the health and nutrition of farmed wrasse.


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Highly Effective & Environmentally Friendly

As we look longer term, this breakthrough will help meet the growing demand for cleaner fish as Scotland’s salmon farmers increasingly seek to control sea lice through non-medicinal, environmentally-friendly approaches.

Ballan wrasse provides highly effective, highly natural sea lice control and as such are in huge demand. With this, breeding, weaning, and rearing wrasse will help ensure farmers have a more secure, controllable supply and reduce reliance on wild stocks. As the global demand for seafood continues to rise, the need for a flourishing aquaculture industry is vital in providing a source of high-quality protein.


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Deep Trekker in Aquaculture

Deep Trekker’ remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) are designed to provide an environmentally friendly and cost-effective way for fish farms to monitor and inspect subsurface infrastructure. Designed for portability, Deep Trekker ROVs are equipped with internal batteries which dismisses the need for topside generators. Not only is it easier to move from pen to pen, it also eliminates the risk of contaminating the water with unwarranted fuel leaks or spills.

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