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Major Aquaculture Company Orders 20 Deep Trekker DTG2 Mini ROVs

Amanda Coulas   |   April 16, 2014

A major player in the Aquaculture market world-wide has placed an order and taken delivery on 20 new Turbo Smart versions of the Deep Trekker DTG2 Mini ROV in Chile. The company will be launching an initiative to systematically perform inspections of gravity nets housing pacific Salmon, and surrounding infrastructure, including sea-lion nets, moorings, and mort lift-up systems.

Working with the highly capable Deep Trekker dealer in Chile, AquaROV, Deep Trekker has supplied a shipment of DTG2, and AquaROV has undertaken a comprehensive training program with the company to ensure that the new Deep Trekker ROV pilots are fully capable in flying the ROVs, and performing the inspections.

The robustness, ease of use, portability and no-topside-power requirements of the Deep Trekker DTG2 were key deciding factors in choosing the Deep Trekker products.

We look forward to a long and continuing presence in the Aquaculture market with AquaROV. Building on a strong presence in the Norwegian aquaculture market, Deep Trekker has been able to provide stellar products and exceptional customer service through customer focused engineering and design, as well as strong, technically capable dealers.

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