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Deep Trekker Reviews: Top 5 Reasons Our Customers Benefit from our ROVs

Shannon Regan   |   June 19, 2018

Deep Trekker Reviews: A look at how Deep Trekker remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) benefit our customers from around the world in everyday tasks and inspections. Ranging from industries such as aquaculture, commercial diving and marine research to infrastructure, oil and gas.

ROV Inspections & Maintenance - DT Reviews

portable-rov-deep trekker reviews


The long lasting battery power (6-8 hours, 90 minute recharge time) allows operators to maintain their dive sites without having to worry about bulky generators or power sources on site or nearby. By using the live-feed handheld controller, the system is complete and there is no need for laptops or other devices near the water.

"Nice and handy ROV, perfect alternative to divers when you need eyes under water. Virtually no preparation needed; just bring the case to your work site, take out the ROV, connect the remote and throw it into the water." - Lars Lind, Miko Marine, Norway

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deep trekker reviews durability
Our ROVs are built with rugged materials - anodized aluminum and acrylic - to allow for bumps and bruises without hurting the unit. It is constructed with durable materials and features strong battery-powered performance.
"I have flown many ROVs over the past 17 years and have worked with several ROV manufacturers and I have to say that Deep Trekker has the most economical, durable, reliable and convenient ROVs on the market. I can also say that this ROV is well constructed and easily maintained. I have not had any issues with this unit since purchasing it in 2014 and have used it on many inspections." - Penny Alds, J&S Utilities

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Customer Service

Our team works very hard to provide top notch customer service. If a problem does arise, we make sure we have a solution to our customers as quick as possible. We do not require that our customers send the unit to our production house during the 1-year warranty. Rather, we are able to ship our customers a part and walk them through the repair over the phone or Skype, if this better suits their needs.
"If I could give more stars I would. Best customer service I have ever experienced. These guys products work beyond compare and they will help you in any way possible with any question you have. Blew my mind when the owner of the company actually called me herself and has emailed me several times to assist with questions. We just started using them but we will be changing our entire fleet to Deep Trekker due to their superb products and the fact that you know you are dealing with a company that actually cares and wants to do everything they can to help their customers. Outstanding company." - David Haire, Director of Inspections, Pittsburgh Tank & Tower, Henderson, KY "Our experience with the Deep Trekker staff has been fantastic. They are extremely customer oriented and I have found them to be very willing to walk me through the many questions I had. Their innovation is remarkable and the products do, indeed, reflect that they listen to their customers." - Shelby Howell, Southern Water Services of Texas, Houston, TX

Ease of Use

deep trekker reviews Deep Trekker ROVs has a patented pitching system, to simplify the controls to just six directions on two joysticks. The ROV takes 1-2 hours of informal practice to become a professional operator. The pitching system is also great for use with tools such as grabbers and sonar, as it enables you to sit in one position and rotate your tool in another degree of freedom (For example, the pitch allows you to sweep an area with the Sonar head).
"Above and beyond support and help with Deep Trekker ROV that we use for oceanographic and coral R&D. Every question and/or parts needed have been immediately responded to and addressed. Impressive business quality in this age of poor quality control. Great company and staff to do business with for the 2 years to date." - Kevin Muench, Industrial Park of Oakland, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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Zero Maintenance

deep trekker reviews
Deep Trekker builds its ROVs with an innovative magnetic coupling at the seals. Magnets do not wear down over time, so there is no need to change oil cartridges, oil or grease seals or manage the unit. We build each unit with salt water resistant anodized aluminum and acrylic, pressure tested and a thorough 60 point inspection including run tests. The only maintenance Deep Trekker recommends is to give the ROV a fresh water bath after a salty dive.
"Our first two units have reached over 5,600 operating hours each - and still counting. These working hours were achieved by performing periodic maintenance and preventive field duties, and also during our Pilots' training in accordance with the highest professional standards, in order to make the most out of the ROVs' performance. Our company currently has 18 DTG2 Smart units fully operational and working. Our operations take place in several locations of the Chilean Patagonia, where the ROVs face extreme weather and sea conditions on a daily basis. In spite of these harsh conditions, we're able to offer an excellent and efficient service to our customers due to the technology from Deep Trekker at our disposal." - TRI-Chile Ltd., Chile

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