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Deep Trekker Upgrades DTG2 Starter Package

Amanda Coulas   |   October 16, 2014

Today Deep Trekker announced the roll out of super-bright integrated viewing screen controllers to all of their line of packages. Previously, the Starter unit was targeted towards individuals using their own monitor for the standard controller with video out port. Through customer feedback and market testing it was decided to include the integrated viewing screen on all of the controllers for each of the four Deep Trekker configurations. “It is our mandate to offer a completely portable ROV solution,” commented Sam Macdonald Deep Trekker President. “This decision ensures that all of the Deep Trekker packages are completely portable, with no other topside monitors, power or generators required.”

To learn more about all of Deep Trekker’s products or accessories, please visit or contact [email protected] 1-519-342-3177.

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