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Immediate Response Inspection Tools for Energy Producers

Amanda Coulas   |   April 19, 2016

Every minute that a power plant is out of service, can potentially cost thousands of dollars. However, the consequences are more than financial, as the public also suffers when they do not have power in their homes. It is for these and many more reasons that power plants work tirelessly to reduce downtime and perform regular maintenance and inspections to keep their plants in working order.

All types of energy producers rely on water at some point during their energy production. These producers are required to maintain and regulate a substantial number of water storage tanks and submerged infrastructure.

What happens when potential downtime issues are discovered in an intake pipe or other submerged area?

Having an immediate response plan, as well as the necessary tools, is extremely important for every power plant in this situation. This is why so many plants have turned to keeping underwater drones on hand to perform immediate inspection of submerged infrastructure in case of emergency.

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Underwater drones (technically called remotely operated vehicles, or ROVs) are the greatest tools available to operational staff. A Deep Trekker ROV requires no retainer fee or maintenance costs to remain on standby 24/7. An underwater drone is prepared at a moment’s notice to be deployed and inspecting submerged infrastructure.

Deep Trekker underwater drones (ROVs) are entirely battery operated, meaning they are compact yet complete in a single carrying case, requiring no topside power to deploy. The unit can be brought into secure rooms and confined spaces without worrying about the need for external power.

The initial investment for the peace of mind and convenience of knowing there is a Deep Trekker ROV on-hand greatly outweighs the potential cost of an emergency in an uninspected area. This is especially true when the emergency results in a fault or significant downtime.

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Want to know what sort of investment costs we’re talking about? The DTG2 Smart ROV is one of our typical packages energy producers use for submerged infrastructure inspection.

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