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Flying Underwater with the DeepFlight Super Falcon

Cody Warner   |   October 3, 2013

Humans always seem to be on a quest to discover the unknown to bend the boundaries of what humans can do. First it started by being able to fly in the air, and now you can fly through the water. Yes, submarines have been around for a very long time but unless you are part of the army or navy there is pretty much no hope for us normal folk to take a ride. Until now.

Well, when I say the average folk, I really mean those that can afford 1.7 million dollar underwater airplane or a rental fee of 10,000 a day +15,000 of training. Nevertheless, this is a cool piece of tech. The light weight design is complete with a pressurized cockpit for the two or three pilots which balance the atmospheric pressure as the submersible dives up to 1,600 feet. The video for the submersible gave a great look at how amazing the experience would be as they hear and find whales; I’ve added this one to my bucket list.

It’s funny every once and a while at a trade show someone will ask us if our ROV is really a model size of a larger submersible that you can sit in, all for the low price of $2999. Even though our video glasses do a pretty good job at making you feel that you’re under the water, I can now direct them to the DeepFlight Super Falcon just with a little higher price tag.

What do you think? Would you take an opportunity to go flying underwater?

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