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How ROVs Improve Port Security

Rachel Doornekamp   |   October 10, 2019

Port security threats are commonplace worldwide. From underwater vehicles to smuggled contraband to terrorist threats, ports require high level security procedures to protect their region.

ROVs provide port authorities with an efficient and reliable way to perform hull inspections, submerged structure inspections, or any other task that requires eyes underwater to protect port safety and security.

Hull Inspection

The entirety of an incoming vessel needs to be inspected to ensure the safety and security of a port. ROVs allow port authority and border security professionals to perform hull inspections on every single vessel to pass through their waters without ever having to incur the high costs and delays of sending a human into the water or dry-docking. Using an ROV means that virtually all submerged sections of a vessel can be thoroughly checked for any contraband or threats that may be attached. In murky, turbid water sonar provides effective technology for getting a strong visual of the ship.

Ease of Use

A Deep Trekker ROV can be deployed within minutes, allowing for quick and easy inspections at a moment’s notice. The portability of the vehicles allows users to bring the ROV around the port with ease to inspect any necessary area. Add ons such as thickness gauge or auxiliary lights add further capabilities to the machine. A straightforward hand-held controller means that users can quickly and easily learn how to effectively operate their machine with minimal training.

Diver Safety

The use of an ROV allows divers to avoid going into potentially dangerous situations. With confined spaces and moving vessels, ports can be a dangerous place for divers to be underwater. Contraband inspections, with possibly dangerous materials, add to the risk factor. ROVs allow for underwater security inspections to be performed on a regular basis without risk to a human being. Should a diver need to get into the water, an ROV can be sent down prior to the person to allow for a safety scan of the area.

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Port Maintenance

Vessels are not the only part of a port! By prioritizing maintenance of overall structures ports can maximize safety, while saving money in the long term. Sea walls, jetties, docks and other submerged structures should be inspected regularly for any necessary repairs or security threats. Deep Trekker ROVs provide a simple and efficient way to keep eyes on all submerged structures within a port.

Port security is incredibly important not only for overall safety, but also to allow regions to thrive politically and economically. With a Deep Trekker ROV on their team, port authorities can help keep their waters safe and secure.

Learn more about how Deep Trekker’s ROVs can improve port security or contact an industry specialist today!

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