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Maintaining Water Quality with Deep Trekker

Rachel Doornekamp   |   January 6, 2020

Deep Trekker’s robots, from remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), to pipe crawlers, to utility crawlers, provide users with valuable tools to efficiently and effectively maintain optimal water quality.

Equipped with high quality HD cameras, Deep Trekker’s submersible vehicles allow users to get eyes underwater for a variety of purposes. Straightforward controls and thoughtful add-ons ensure ease of use with minimal training required.

The battery powered vehicles are efficient and portable. Able to be easily decontaminated and cleaned using a chlorine solution prior to entering the water, the use of Deep Trekker vehicles allows operators to maintain water quality and cleanliness throughout operations.

Potable Water Tank Inspection

In order to maintain optimal water quality, regular tank inspections are a necessity. Unfortunately, tank inspections can come with numerous costs and issues including hiring divers, draining tanks and suspending service. With Deep Trekker, users can perform accurate inspections from topside - without draining tanks or putting them out of service. Furthermore, the use of robots keeps divers away from unnecessary risk and complications.

Using the live video feed from the ROV camera, pilots can complete the inspection while recording everything the ROV sees. Simultaneously take photos or record voice notes to the video recording for archiving and review purposes. With Deep Trekker, consistent and accurate tank inspections can be conducted with minimal time and financial interference.

Pipe Inspection

With crawlers suitable for pipes from 6” to 36”, Deep Trekker provides reliable pipe inspection solutions. Much like tank inspections, pipe inspections are necessary to ensure the availability of safe water. From cracks to corrosion, there are many potential issues that can impact pipes.

Without the need for dedicated service trucks or other power sources, Deep Trekker pipe crawlers can be deployed in less than 5 minutes to allow for time-effective inspections. With numerous customization options available, Deep Trekker pipe crawlers are designed to meet your pipe inspection needs.

Talk to us about how our ROVs improve the safety, cost and speed of water tank inspections and cleanings

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Water Tank Cleaning

The DT640 Vac Crawler is the perfect robotic system for remote inspections and light-work cleaning. The 18” dual intake vacuum allows operators to clean and pump sediment from the tank without interrupting service. The Vac Crawler allows users to schedule frequent cleanings without having to drain tanks, hire divers or take the tank out of service. The pressure washer attachment allows operators to remove debris like dirt, sediment and rust using the handheld controller. Add-on magnetic wheels make the DT640 more versatile, with the ability to clean vertical angle structures such as ship hulls, storage tanks or any other ferrous material.

Join us at NYWEA’s 92nd Annual Meeting and Exhibition to learn more about how Deep Trekker’s ROVs and pipe crawlers. As always, our industry experts are available to answer any questions you may have.

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