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Successful Launch of a Safe and Affordable Solution for Mine Countermeasures at DSEI

Amanda Coulas   |   September 15, 2015

Deep Trekker showcases how small remotely operated vehicles can be a solution

September 15th, 2015. Excel, London. Today at the DSEI event in London, Sam Macdonald Deep Trekker President successfully displayed how small remotely operated vehicles can be used for unexploded ordnance investigations.

Mine countermeasures involve finding mines, classifying, and destroying them so they are no longer a threat. Classifying the mines and destroying them still rely to a great extent on expert divers, who are placed in harm’s way, and to ROVs, which are expensive if treated as an expendable device.

Macdonald will be demonstrating throughout the show how the portable, affordable Deep Trekker ROVs give task forces the ability to engage in mine countermeasures with an ROV in a much more cost effective way. Given the small size of the Deep Trekker ROVs, the systems can be launched from surface ships, small craft, and even helicopters, to locate and destroy enemy mines within minutes of deployment.

Macdonald, along with Deep Trekker’s UK resellers – Planet Ocean Ltd will have Deep Trekker military systems on display at booth N3-275 for piloting in their 200 gallon demonstration tank. “The industry has been seeking ways to efficiently and cost effectively deal with the tremendous amount of submerged unexploded ordnances,” commented Macdonald. “We are providing a much need solution at an affordable cost while also delivering a compact and robust package.”

The team will be happy to show visitors how to pilot the military ROV at stand N3-275 through the DSEI event.


About Deep Trekker Inc.

Deep Trekker Inc. was founded in 2010 with a mission to bring a fully capable yet portable and accessible remotely operated vehicle to market. The company is headquartered in Ayr, Ontario, Canada, with all engineering and manufacturing being completed in house. Based on a clean sheet design, the premiere product, the DTG2 was introduced in limited run in August 2011. With Deep Trekker products now working in 59 countries in industries including aquaculture, commercial diving, salvage, military, first responders, oil & gas, energy, marine survey, infrastructure, research and recreation; the DTG2 is proven to be easy to use, robust, and entertaining.

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