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Norwegian Fish Skills Training Centre

Kiara Vallier   |   July 16, 2015

In less than a month I will be packing up and heading to Norway to attend AquaNor in Trondheim. While preparing for my trip I have been looking even deeper into the aquaculture industry in that region and what I have found so far has been great!

Earlier this month, various Norwegian organizations got together to begin setting up a fish skills training centre for members of the industry. As experienced workers who have been in the industry for years begin to retire, there has been some worry that the newer members of the industry are not quite as experienced or have not received enough training to replace those that are leaving.

The goal of the project is to “ensure that marine and fishing businesses are supplied with skilled expertise to meet future needs”. The center is set to be built in the important fishing area in Western Norway called Møre og Romsdal. The marine industry in the area currently consists of fishing vessel owners, aquaculture companies, service providers, fish processors and equipment manufacturers.

There is a total of 120 firms that are involved in the implementation of this centre. One of the main aspects of this centre is provide people with access to expertise from all sectors.

At Deep Trekker, as I am sure most of you who follow our blog know by now, we are huge proponents of knowledge expansion and education opportunities. After all, our products are based on the foundation of wanting to give anyone the ability to explore and learn as much as they can about the oceans, no matter who they are. That is why I am always thrilled to learn about new initiatives for knowledge sharing.

With centres like this, industry specialists will have the access to tools and resources to expand their own knowledge of the industry and the issues at hand. I personally believe that the more people learn about the industry and these issues, the more chance we have as a collective whole to tackle the challenges that arise.

Now I only hope that this training centre looks into the use of ROVs in the aquaculture industry to ensure that members have a chance to learn about all of the great applications for ROVs in the field.

Read more about this great initiative here.

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