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Offshore Pipeline Inspections with Deep Trekker ROVs

Shannon Regan   |   December 18, 2018

Using Remotely Operated Vehicles to perform submerged offshore pipeline inspections to easily monitor and evaluate the system before disaster strikes.

Perform Offshore Pipeline Inspections with ROVs

There are many inspection methods for pipelines with varying levels of risk, cost, and data produced. Inspections are crucial to ensuring that there are no developing structural issues or leaks.

Leaks can be massive and catastrophic, garnering a lot of unwanted attention. Having massive issues has obvious environmental degradation, public backlash and safety compromises that you can’t just wash away with money. There are also smaller leaks that take place over periods of time that can develop into worse conditions. Some structures have suspected weak points that can become leaks. All of these scenarios can be avoided through active efforts to regularly inspect submerged assets.

underwater rovs inspection

Regular visual inspections can be done to get a general idea of the condition of these pipelines.  Using a camera outside of a pipe does not tell the entire story, but it will tell you where further evaluation is needed and can identify potential catastrophes sooner rather than later.

Regular visual inspections is a relatively easy task on land, sending an engineer or operator, or an aerial drone to scan for defects. However, inspections underwater can be more dangerous especially for divers. Using ROVs to work with divers allows for safer and more affordable scans and inspections. 

Deep Trekker ROVs to Get the Job Done

Deep Trekker ROVs are extremely easy to use and maintain. Using innovative magnetic coupling at the seals reduces the need to be trained on how to maintain the ROV itself because oiling and/or greasing isn't required. A pipeline owner can easily compile a historical log by recording the visual inspections using a Digital Video Recorder or Deep Trekker’s internal 4K camera.  This allows operators to see changes over time and evaluate the full pipeline over time. Deep Trekker offers various ROVs for energy installation & pipeline inspections.

Consider making regular inspections part of your structural maintenance program, ask us how today!

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