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Pipe Crawlers in Action: Contractors and Municipalities

Shannon Regan   |   May 2, 2018

Deep Trekker Inc. is a leading industry expert in infrastructure technology. The company’s pipe crawlers have been used for various inspections and submersible maintenance projects around the globe and it continues to reach new heights with its latest innovations. The team is excited to be launching a NEW trenchless robotic system at IFAT 2018 in Munich Germany, May 14th-18th.

Pipe Crawlers in Action

In lead up to the launch, let's take a look at some of our most valued customers - highlighting their stories and their use of Deep Trekker's remotely operated vehicles and submerged pipe crawler systems in action.

Town of Renfrew

The town of Renfrew is a small municipality, with storm and sanitary systems including 89 km (55 miles) of pipe. In 2005, Renfrew hired a CCTV service company to inspect 75% of their system, a total investment for Renfrew of $400,000. The town understood that CCTV camera inspections of storm water pipes ensure the integrity of the system and minimizes the risk of contamination, flooding, blockages and collapsed pipes – however, the high costs of these inspections limited Renfrew’s ability to do so.

For a fraction of the cost, the town of Renfrew purchased a Deep Trekker pipe crawler, which options for PTZ camera heads, counter reels, elevating arms, carbonite wheels, additional wheel sizes and tracks to provide the most accurate inspections.

It is Deep Trekker’s mandate to ensure inspections are completed as affordably and accurately as possible – the DT340 provides exactly this – an affordable, easy to use system, designed for pipe and pipeline inspections.

City of Brantford

Brantford is a city of approximately 100,000 people with a variety of storm and sanitary pipes. The city had run into various issues in the past, relying and waiting on contractors for emergency inspections and performing work on rooted pipes. The city was looking for a system that was affordable, but still able to provide effective inspections.

The City of Brantford purchased a DT340 Pipe Crawler – the only battery-operated pipe crawler of its kind. The DT340 allows Brantford to conduct inspections of their own, allowing for more efficient use of their time and hiring of contractors.

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Countdown to Launch – One Week

We have listened to our customers and have taken every piece of feedback and advice into consideration. With that said, Deep Trekker is excited to be revealing the world’s very first inspection system designed with simplicity in mind and unique features including portability, quick deployment and ease of use.

Join us at IFAT 2018

Join Deep Trekker at IFAT 2018 for the LAUNCH of its latest trenchless technology system – an affordable solution to depleting pipe systems and aging infrastructure for cities around the globe, and especially designed for the European market.

#BecomeSimple #IFAT2018

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Contact us for more info or visit us here for product launch details

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