How ROVS are used in the Regulation of Illegal Aquaculture Operations


Underwater Visual Inspections in Lieu of Divers

ROVs act as an invaluable tool for officers to evaluate submerged portions of aquaculture sites. Submerged asset inspections have historically been limited to the capabilities of divers. While effective at performing tasks underwater, deploying divers introduces concerns over depth, time underwater, cost effectiveness, time efficiency, and equipment malfunctions while in an enclosed area.

Observation or micro class ROVs can quickly and easily be deployed by officers to evaluate and record the status of nets, mortalities, parasite outbreaks, stock species, or other submerged assets. When equipped with a sonde or sampling tool, ROVs can also be effectively used to record environmental data to ensure safe chemical levels. All of these operations can be effectively performed while an officer remains safely on shore.

Simplified Internal Monitoring

One of the causes of an illegal operation can be the complexity or costs associated with consistently hiring divers to ensure the site is up to code. ROV ownership simplifies this process and empowers owners to conduct visual inspections at a moment's notice, whenever required. This prevents issues from going undetected and lowers the chances of unintentional violations of aquaculture standards.

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How Deep Trekker can Help Improve Investigation and Inspection On Illegal Fish farms


Deep Trekker ROVs are renowned for their portability. Utilizing lithium ion batteries removes the need for direct topside power, providing a truly portable system. Compact form factors allow all units to fit into one or two wheeled Pelican cases, simplifying transportation. With base weights of 18 - 57lbs, a single operator can easily lift and deploy Deep Trekker ROVs through most environments. This provides the flexibility for officers to bring them from site to site, or for farm owners to easily deploy from small boats for routine inspections.

Deployment Times and Ease of Use

Simple, portable, and reliable designs also provide the benefit of rapid deployment. During investigations, this exponentially increases efficiency. Rather than relying on divers to gear up, take necessary depth or communication precautions, and resurface as needed, a Deep Trekker ROV can deploy in under a minute. Select units can yield an impressive eight hours of battery life, meaning an entire day’s work can be completed on a single charge. LAKE INVADERS_intext

The intuitive handheld BRIDGE controller resembles the controls of a video game, shortening the learning curve for use. Robust features combined with simple controls results in a powerful inspection tool that most officers will immediately be able to operate.

Enhanced Camera Functions

All of Deep Trekker’s ROVs are designed with rotating cameras for smoother recording and simpler piloting. Depending on the unit, this 220 to 270 degree plane of view is extremely useful for surveying the underside of pens or scanning the seafloor for fish sewage or uneaten food. 4K resolution or 18x zoom options are also available for precise examination and documentation of assets or parasites. LAKE INVADERS_intext

Environmental Sensors or Samplers

When equipped with the Multiparameter sonde, a Deep Trekker ROV becomes a powerful tool for monitoring aquaculture environments. Capable of holding four simultaneous sensors, officers can effectively monitor for dangerous pathogens throughout different site levels. Additionally, Deep Trekker offers water and sediment sampling tools to simplify collection if further lab testing is required.

As always, our team of experts is available to answer any questions you may have. If you’re looking to streamline aquaculture inspections, rely on the ROVs trusted by Fisheries and Oceans Canada. Reach out to get your customized quote today.

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