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Hacks for Tank Inspections Using our Innovative ROVS.

Rachel Doornekamp   |   January 22, 2020

Tank inspection is imperative for structurally sound, clean and safe water tanks. Without inspections, issues can arise quickly and sludge can build, compromising the integrity and cleanliness of the tank.

Deep Trekker provides cutting edge remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) to change the tank inspection game. Portable and battery powered, Deep Trekker vehicles are proving themselves to be valuable tools for safe, accurate and convenient tank inspections.

Read on to learn our hacks for efficient and effective tank inspections using our innovative ROVS.

ROV Thruster Gain

Tank inspections can vary greatly and users may require small, precise movements and big, sweeping movements in the same inspection. Adjusting the gain control will increase or decrease the speed and steering sensitivity of the ROV, allowing pilots to maximize control. Gain control can be adjusted using the two sets of arrows in the centre of the controller. Set gain as low as 1 or as high as 12 (10%-120% power) to easily make tiny, exact maneuvers or large, expansive passes.

Stable Camera Control

With Deep Trekker’s innovative BRIDGE technology, ROVs provide automated control and stability for operators, allowing them to keep the camera focused on the inspection. Easily perform vertical inspections of walls by rotating the camera while holding the ROV’s position in place. The 270-degree camera rotation also allows pilots to conduct quick sweeps of the roof, floors and walls with ease.

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Vehicle Sanitization

When inspecting water tanks, towers and other water storage facilities it is important to maintain water cleanliness. One of the primary advantages of using an ROV for inspection purposes is that they don’t introduce contaminants to the water the way a diver might. Prior to entering the tank, Deep Trekker vehicles can be fully sanitized with a chlorine solution with no negative effects on the ROV. Keep water clean and free from contamination.

Laser Scaler

The laser scaler add on is a useful tool to understand the size of objects or potential faults. The laser scaler sends out two laser beams 25mm apart from above the camera. Operators can then scale objects, cracks, or rust spots from up to 2 metres away. The lasers track with the camera as it is rotated, allowing the beams to be viewed on-screen at all times. With these lasers, pilots can make reasonable estimates of size to help determine next steps.

Photo and Video Documentation

In addition to providing live underwater footage, Deep Trekker ROVs allow users to record both photo and video during inspections. Further organize this content with voice notes or titles to properly archive and present inspection reviews to clients. Recorded content is also beneficial for training and internal review processes.

Deep Trekker also provides tank cleaning tools, designed to allow for thorough and efficient cleaning without taking tanks out of business. Check out our DT640 Utility Crawler with vacuum and pressure washer options.

To learn more about how Deep Trekker ROVs can help you with tank inspections, check out our blog with B&N Inspection and Supply . As always, feel free to reach out to our team of industry experts with any questions you may have.

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