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ROV Water Tank Inspections with 'Tank Industry Consultants'

Shannon Regan   |   April 24, 2019

Tank Industry Consultants provides specialized engineering and inspection services to clients across the United States.

The company has developed a maintenance program with its evaluation and the condition of each tank to determine what scope of work should be designed.

Tank Industry Consultants’ inspections generally consist of information gathering by the field inspection crew, and recommendations for rehabilitation and maintenance or replacement to meet the objectives of the tank owner.

water tank cleaning rov

Tanks Industry Consultants purchased a DTG2 ROV because it is easy to use and portable for specific applications.

“As there are so many details to look for in our inspections, it’s very helpful to have user friendly equipment. Complicated features and setup is usually a distraction,” says Jamie Stewart, Tank Industry Consultants.

When the company initially purchased the DTG2, they intended to use it as their backup unit. After a few operations in different water systems, the team explained that it exceeded their expectations and now use it on their main crew for special tasks in remote locations and compact areas.

“The pitch system makes for smoother video when inspecting the interior shell on potable water tanks,” says Jamie Stewart. “Depending on the design of the tank, less input on the controls is needed for the basic areas of inspection.”

The DTG2 ROV is efficient and little time is needed to edit videos or verify if there are problems in the tank inspection area. Tank Industry Consultants have experienced issues with portability in the past, but the DTG2 provides the company with a portable solution to efficiently and effectively get the job done.

“There is no checklist for parts and pieces before heading to the job site. We just pick up the all in one unit and go,” says Jamie.

Tank Industry Consultants continues to find new ways to utilize the ROV. The company recently purchased the sediment sampler – one of Deep Trekker’s optional add-ons to the grabber arm, for environmental or research settings or where samples of shorelines or marine vegetation are required.

“The unit works so well, we’ve never needed to call the [Deep Trekker] team for anything,” says Jamie.

Deep Trekker recently launched the DTG3 – the company’s latest remotely operated vehicle. Learn more by watching this video!

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