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DT340 Pipe Crawler Lens Cover is a Real Gem

Cody Warner   |   August 1, 2017

Improved lens cover to the Deep Trekker DT340 Pipe Crawler brings, even more, durability and protection to the PTZ camera.

There are many things that make Deep Trekker products unique - one is their durability. We take care in picking the best materials and components that make up a Deep Trekker robot, especially with the DT340 Pipe Crawler. There are few tougher environments than going in and out of sanitary pipes. There are even fewer people who are as tough on their equipment. A recent upgrade to our Crawler series is a tiny component that pays big dividends: the camera cover lens.

It is a small yet key part of every inspection - this is the window that the camera sees out of. When we are looking at a pipe inspection, we are looking at a camera view of the pipe. There is only one line of defense for the camera and the environment around it: the lens cover. It tends to be on the wrong end of contact, running into pipe walls, obstructions like rocks, manholes and other hard surfaces. Contact generally would lead to scratches or even breaks on regular glass lens covers. A break in a water filled environment is a dangerous combination for the camera. A scratch impedes the view of the camera, reducing the quality of the video and hurting the inspection overall.

Enter Deep Trekker's Sapphire Glass Lens Cover. Sapphire Glass is an extremely durable, high-performance material, making it perfect to use on a Crawler camera head. Sapphire Glass is a synthetically produced crystal, second only to Diamonds in its hardness. It is significantly more expensive than regular glass or even Gorilla Glass, the material typically used by mobile phones.

So, Why is the Lens Cover Worth the Investment?

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High Scratch/Crack Resistance
Operators now don't have to worry about bumps and bruises that are inevitably going to happen. The camera view will remain crystal clear for much longer, keeping the quality of inspections high. Scratches also reduce the integrity of the cover, making it more susceptible to breaking. Watch demonstrations of the strength in comparison to world renowned Gorilla Glass to see the difference in how rocks interact with the extremely hard material. Breaking your phone screen is not fun, but breaking your camera lens cover on your crawler likely means that the camera head will need to be replaced, especially if you are submerged in water.

Withstands Pressure
Deep Trekker robots are built to go underwater. Far underwater. Anything that goes into the DT340 needs to withstand 50 meters (164 feet) of pressure, Sapphire Glass greatly exceeds this requirement.

Withstands Thermal Shock
Whether you are taking the Crawler out of a warm truck into the freezing cold air of winter or putting it into cold water on a hot summer day, Sapphire Glass holds up. Sharp transitions in temperature can cause other materials to expand and contract quickly, making it more vulnerable to scratches and breaking. One less thing to worry about with your Deep Trekker!

High Thermal Conductivity
Fancy words for being able to transfer heat easily. This dramatically reduces the occurrence of fogging on the lens that happens in sewer pipes, especially during humid or cold weather. Sapphire Glass will transfer the heat from the lighting on board to remove fogging that does occur.

Compatible with Water Repellents
Other materials struggle if you use certain cleaning products or water repellents. A popular product for windshields of cars is Rain-X, a water repellent that beads water and removes water build up, creating better visibility in moist environments, such as pipes carrying water. Rain-X can be used on Sapphire Glass, allowing customers to add another line of defense against poor visibility.

Want to Know More?

Wondering how you can get your hands on a Deep Trekker? Contact us for a quote or check out our selection of portable Pipe Crawlers today!


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